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Buying Zennoposter, Zennobox. Bonuses for purchase of Zennoposter by referral link.

Buying all the templates for Zennoposter, as well as bots for Zennobox in our store is fully automated, you do not need to wait for confirmation from our team, selected template can be paid and received at any convenient for you time.

In addition, buying the program Zennoposter by our referral link, there is a charge of bonuses, it happens automatically on your personal account, depending on the version of your program. So, for the version PRO - a bonus of $ 30; for the Standard version - the bonus will be $ 15; for the Lite version - a bonus of $ 5; a bonus will be credited for the purchase by the referral link of ProxyChecker and CapMonster.

Zennobox is a shell for executing Zennoposter templates, without the ability to create and edit projects. This solution is more economical than buying the full version of the program and makes it possible to run a template in multithreaded mode. Its purchase is simplified and fully automatic. You only need to choose the templates and add them to the cart, and then set the checkbox "Add templates in Zennobox».

The charge of bonuses for the purchase of any Zennoposter program by our referral link happens automatically within half an hour after the purchase!


Sincerely your Zennoscript team!