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How to buy a template without Zennoposter or what is the Zennobox

Memo to our customers!

To use purchased templates Zennoscript.com you need a program Zennoposter, with which you will be able to run our product, it may be Zennoposter PRO (if you buy it using our referral link, you’ll get a bonus of $ 30), or it can be more economical variant - Zennobox, which gives the opportunity to work with templates in multithreaded mode.


Zennobox features.

Zennobox - software separated from Zennolab, intended for the user mode, without built-in Project Maker, CapMonster and CodeCreator, that won’t be needed for our Zennoscript customers, because the development and maintenance of our templates we do ourselves. It is enough for customers, who run several templates in multithreaded mode. Specify that Zennobox gives the ability to run up to 20 threads, Zennoposter PRO - has no such limits. There are automatical updates in Zennobox, you just need to restart the program (providing your payment for updates on our website).


How to purchase Zennobox template.

To make a purchase you need to add templates you want to buy into your cart and check the matching box as you can see on the screenshot.



Payment and commission for Zennobox.

For the first template there is a 10 $ commission and 2 $ for each added template in the same order. Note, you can save your money, buying several templates at once, as for your next order the procedure is repeated. There no ways to avoid the commission, as it is charged directly by the company - Zennoposter developer. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid the payment for the new Zennobox, even if you have the previous old one.


Sincerely your Zennoscript team!