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Q: I have succesfuly add template to Zennoposter but it doesn’t start
A: Default Execution Count is set to 0. In order to start template you have to specify number of executions. Please read Readme file for each template you try to start before running it.
Q: Template runs but errors appear in log.
A:  If you don’t see message “unable to execute message”. Everything is fine and those errors are part of template logic, ignore them.
Q: Why Zennoposter shows me message of successful template execution but profile is not registered/action is not executed etc.
A: Most templates have check for sacksful authorization/registration. In case when template execution wasn’t successful, data might be returned to file, which is considered as successful execution.
Q: Template doesn’t start or successfully executed with proxy.
A:  Run template without proxy, if execution was successful then your proxies doesn’t fit for this kind of template.  Take a look at our proxies list, we work only with proven suppliers zennoscript.com/en/shop/proxies
Q: What are Template Input Settings and how do i use them?
A: Double click on any template added to Zennoposter, if template has input settings you will see popup window where you can specify them, if it doesn’t you will see message “Project Doesn’t Contain Default Settings”.
Q: Why i don’t see template execution?
A: In order to see template execution click on “Show” or (Ctrl+D) button is located in top left part of Zennoposter If you’re running several templates at a time but you need to see only one template execution right click on that template in Zennoposter and select last option from drop down window “Show/Hide the instances” (картинка)