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ZennoPoster (15.10.2015)

[+] Scale “75%” setting has been added to captcha recognition action.
[+] Balance parameter has been added to captcha-services settings.
[+] C# method ZennoPoster.CaptchaRecognition to accept audio files. Now ZennoPoster + CapMonster can recognize audio captchas, for example audio recaptcha
[+] “Default - unsuccessful output” option has been added to Switch action.
[+] “Mandatory use of all these parameters” option has been added to Random action.
[+] DateTime macro has been extended - now you can set your own date/time format in the following way: {-TimeNow.Date[Format]-}.
[+] UnixTime macro has been added - {-TimeNow.UnixTime-}.
[+] Search and text replace options have been added to C# code editor, as well as the ability to save selected text to snippet file.
[+] Text font and size parameters for C# code have been added to ProjectMaker program settings.
[+] The option “Update fields” has been added to element properties window. It allows to update element properties, as well as element tree.
[+] Search option in project editor has been improved. Searching is performed in user comments at start and then in other content. Also, checkbox “Search in all opened projects” has been added allowing to perform searching in all currently opened project in PM. 
[+] The ability to delete default rules has been added to ProxyChecker. (Deleted rules can be restored if necessary).
[+] Error field has been added to “E-mail processing” action. It displays error message of processing e-mail action.
[+] New macro {-Environment.CurrentUser-} has been added.
[+] Profile variables are now displayed in Environment tab of Variables window.
[+] “Reset sorting” option has been added to Variables window.
[+] Captcha recognition action now displays error message in PM and ZP log when authorization data fields are empty. This doesn’t work for C# code.
[+] Scroll position keeping has been added to “C# code” action.

Bug fixes
[*] Bugs working with ranges have been fixed.
[*] The bug clicking items in dropdown menus has been fixed.
[*] The bug setting boundary parameter for HTTP POST has been fixed.
[*] Special symbols are now supported in HTTP POST requests.
[*] Issues clearing up proxies have been solved.
[*] Problems receiving captcha from several websites have been solved.
[*] The bug cutting captcha answer from rucaptcha.com has been fixed.
[*] Issues converting variables in some actions using “Convert to C#” option has been solved.
[*] The bug using remote_dns parameter via socks proxy has been fixed.
[*] The issue displaying LastAlertText in wrong encoding has been fixed.
[*] Text presence checking feature has been corrected and now works properly with several spaces in text.
[*] PM does not create actions blocks when setting values from profile and variables to fields in disabled Record mode.
[*] The bug accessing nested projects at “Execution” access level in PM has been fixed.
[*] Issues with cookies on groupon and few other websites have been solved.
[*] The bug copying lists and tables from one project to another has been fixed.
[*] Operation of Export and Import buttons in project input settings has been corrected in PM.
[*] The problem of executing nested projects from C# code has been fixed.