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ZennoPoster (12.05.2016)

[+] Sms-services (SmsVK, SmsReg, SmsActivate) have been implemented allowing to bypass verification by sms.
[+] Text processing functionality has been extended allowing to use translation services (Baidu, Google, Yandex, Bing).
[+] New service articleforge.com, which allows to generate web page content automatically, has been added. 
[+] New option for working with source webpage code has been added. Using it you can filter code by tags (action Tab>Data - Process only selected tags).
[+] Project search feature now allows to perform searching by notes.
[+] Special timeout for waiting element load for actions with html-element search (GET, SET, RISE, Captcha) has been added (tab More). Thus, you won’t need to set pauses before these actions.
[+] The action “Own code C#” now allows to Comment and Uncomment code lines via context menu.
[+] When adding action to group in PM Editor, the group extends only to bottom. 
[+] Tutorial pop-ups for static blocks are now displayed immediately in PM.
[+] New methods Tab.DropFile(string filepath, int x, int y) and HtmlElement.DropFile(string filepath, int x=-1, int y=-1) allowing to drag&drop files have been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] The method Tab.FindElementByAttribute(string tags, string attrName, string attrValue, string searchKind, string number) now can accept ranges instead of numbers, for example “random1(1,12-15,35-end)”.
[+] New macros [login] and [password], which return login and password for proxy, have been added to Output tasks in proxychecker, as well as [auth], which returns login:password@ string, if authorization is required, or emty string, if authorization not required. Default proxy format has been also changed to [auth][ip]:[port] in output tasks.
[+] GeoIP base auto-update feature has been added in order to correctly detect country of proxy,
[+] Inserting snippet option has been added to CodeCreator application.
[+] The option to separate database request result to variables has been added to database operations.
[+] Spintax syntax has been extended Extended spintax
[+] Adjust image quality option has been added to “Image processing” action. 
[+] The option “Continue executing active tasks automatically after restart” has been added.
[+] The methods project.Profile.Save(string path, bool saveProxy = false, bool savePlugins = false, bool saveLocalStorage = false) and project.Profile.Load(string path) for saving and loading profiles have been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] New type “Password” has been added to Input settings.
[+] New option “Match variables with the same names” has been added to “Project in project” action for auto matching variables with the same names not included into user matching table.
[+] The options “Parse RSS text” and “Parse RSS links” have been added to proxy source settings. This allows to search proxies in text and links in RSS feed. Found sources will be automatically added to sources list with RSS label. 
[+] New check box “Add local network addresses” has been added to proxy source settings. 
[+] Source address field now accepts time macro {-TimeNow.Date[DateFormat]-} similarly to using it ZP.
[+] The option “Consider non-anonymous proxies as dead” has been added to proxychecker settings.
[+] New option “Set threads number” has been added to bat file creation form.
[+] Directory for purchased projects has been added to ZP settings. Program restart is required for changing this option.
[+] New operations UrlEncode and UrlDecode have been added to Text processing action.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastExecutedActionId-} and the field project.LastExecutedActionId returning ID of last executed action in the project have been added.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastExecutedActionElapsedTime} and the field project.LastExecutedActionElapsedTime returning duration (ms) of last executed action in project have been added.
[+] New methods DrawAsBitmap and DrawPartAsBitmap for HtmlElement, which return Bitmap type result, have been added.
[+] New operation “Add list” has been added to Table processing action allowing to insert lines from list to selected column in table starting from first line.
[+] New methods ZennoLab.Macros.TextProcessing.UrlEncode(string) and ZennoLab.Macros.TextProcessing.UrlDecode(string) have been added to text processing options. 
[+] New option “Delete empty and space lines” has been added to delete line operation when processing lists and tables. 
[+] Browser now allows to navigate on FTP resources. 
[+] New setting “Open not closed projects” has been added to ProjectMaker. Such projects will be opened automatically at next program run. 

Bug fixes
[*] Few errors when converting action to C# code have been fixed.
[*] Regex for parsing proxies with authorization has been corrected. This fixed the issue of missing first proxy in proxies list if it’s proxy with authorization. 
[*] The problem restarting instance, which works in browser without content mode, has been solved. 
[*] The operation “Select sublist” has been corrected. 
[*] The problem in PM Editor not saving changes in action properties after they were closed has been fixed.
[*] The bug adding extra slash to path when copying lists and tables has been fixed..
[*] The bug loading sources with enabled JS has been fixed. 
[*] The issues processing input settings when some settings were not displayed have been solved.
[*] Issues saving and loading local storage have been solved. 
[*] The issues with browser work in PM when switching to “Do not use browser” mode have been fixed
[*] Some issues processing cookies in HTTP requests have been solved. 
[*] The bug processing Cyrillic symbols in additional RuCaptcha parameters has been fixed. 
[*] The bug resetting cursor when changing max # of threads in task settings has been fixed. 
[*] The bug scrolling projects list when switching categories has been fixed. 
[*] Problems working with group of proxy sources have been solved. 
[*] Issues working with binary-types in SQL have been solved. Now this data returned as Base64 string.