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Zenno Proxy Checker (18.05.2016)


[+] GeoIP base auto-update feature has been added in order to correctly detect country of proxy,
[+] The options “Parse RSS text” and “Parse RSS links” have been added to proxy source settings. This allows to search proxies in text and links in RSS feed. Found sources will be automatically added to sources list with RSS label.
[+] New setting “Delete proxy from live list immediately at check failure” has been added to proxy source settings in ProxyChecker. 
[+] New macros [login] and [password], which return login and password for proxy, have been added to Output tasks in proxychecker, as well as [auth], which returns login:password@ string, if authorization is required, or emty string, if authorization not required. Default proxy format has been also changed to [auth][ip]:[port] in output tasks.
[+] The ability to delete default rules has been added to ProxyChecker. (Deleted rules can be restored if necessary).
[+] New checkbox “Add local network addresses” has been added to proxy source settings.
[+] Source address field now accepts time macro {-TimeNow.Date[DateFormat]-} similarly to using it ZP.
[+] The option “Consider non-anonymous proxies as dead” has been added to proxychecker settings.

Bug fixes
[*] Error opening proxies list from anonymous source has been fixed in ProxyChecker.
[*] Counting next proxy checking time in ProxyChecker after taking proxy from live list has been corrected.
[*] Regex for parsing proxies with authorization has been corrected. This fixed the issue of missing first proxy in proxies list if it’s proxy with authorization. 
[*] Problems working with group of proxy sources have been solved.