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ZennoPoster (05.11.2014)

[+] Browser engine was updated to version 24.8.
[+] Context menu in PM now has new option “Repeat in loop” which helps to create easy loops within a project without additional actions.
[+] Errors and warnings for optional actions or actions which handle errors, are not shown in the log.
[+] Added 2 API methods CreateBot & UploadBotContent. More info here: wiki.zennolab.com/doku.php?id=en:devlicense:api
[+] New option for Input settings: comment field, which allows to display plain text wherever you need.
[+] “Help” icon for Input Settings elements: You can use simple html mark-up, like and .
[+] Support for *.xlsm tables.
[+] Ability to save current proxy to profile file.
[+] Extended “Delete rows” action in Table processing action group.
[+] Ability to turn off the sound of instances (Windows Vista and later).
[+] Ability to edit default values ​​for input settings in the preview mode in ProjectMaker.
[+] Ability to copy GAC references between projects.
[+] New settings “Reserve bases” and “Timeout for inactive bases”. These settings allow you to adjust the number of bases in inactive state in order to save RAM.
[+] Action “Run Program” now has an ability to run programs in stealth mode.
[+] New logic in mail processing action with auto-detection settings: If authorization fails, action will display text error and offer to enter data manually.
[+] Improved editing window for Input settings.
[+] Autofocus on “Start” block after project is opened.
[+] New button in ZP interface for infinite executions of project.
[+] When you copy actions from another project new dialogue will be displayed that allows you to choose whether you want to replace variables' values or not.
[+] Project.Context now works as dynamic instead of object type.
[+] “Keys” property for project.Context, which returns a list of all keys.
[+] Variables in project are enumerated new, Keys property also was added to them.
[+] File selection option to load profile for POST and GET actions.
[+] New visual interface for Switch action.
[+] To increase the processing speed of POST and GET requests.
[+] New method instance.SetUserHeader(string headerName, string value) to add custom headers to browser requests.
[+] Ability to go to the column in action “Own C#”.
[+] Automatic renaming of variables, lists and tables in C# code if you rename them in PM.
[+] Option “Track status of instances” to display additional parameters in statistics.
[+] Added option “Do not fill the cache of action's settings”. This will help you to load Projectmaker faster.
[+] Setting for number of attempts in POST and GET actions.
[+] Setting for lists and tables to keep blank file with UTF8 encoding.
[+] New option “Show result variable's name in the description of the action”.
[+] New option “Run unfinished projects at the start” after ZennoPoster unexpected close.
[+] Added additional inspection for C# and JavaScript code to highlight possible problems.
[+] New method for Emulator class: IsWindowExists method performs the check if window exists.
[+] Ability to draw new connections between actions without deleting of old ones.


Bug fixes
[*] Change the default values ​​for variables mark project as “changed” and highlighted in projects tabs. In this case next execution in “Restart” mode with save project with these changes.
[*] Fixed random crashes of PM when you click project restart.
[*] Fixed subscriptions in ZennoBox.
[*] Fixed flickering yellow indicator on some sites which represents awaiting for downloading of new data.
[*] Fixed scheduler in ZP.
[*] Images are taken directly from the browser cache, and not re-rendered for captcha action. This should fix problem with captcha sniper or similar software.
[*] Fixed hanging of bases while using drag & drop.
[*] “Restart” action in PM reset current browser settings to default ones based on settings of projects.
[*] Fixed software' work on systems with Hindi localization and some other eastern locales.
[*] Fixed problem with corruption of settings file, after which it was needed to reinstall software.
[*] Fixed handling cookies in POST and GET requests.
[*] Fixed binding lists with C# in ZP.
[*] Fixed “No label” bug in ZP when you add several projects at once.
[*] Fixed deleting of actions in PM.
[*] Fixed closing tabs in PM, after closing the tab remains blank with “page” name.
[*] Fixed initialization of lists and tables.
[*] Changes in the C # code was not saving when the project starts from the specified action while code editor window still open.
[*] Fixed handling the Delete keystroke in ZP: previously attempt to delete any text from text inputs like ”# of executions” forced dialogue to delete project.
[*] Projects created in CC which doesn't use instance is no longer create an instance in ZP.
[*] Fixed work of GET and POST actions with ports in URL.
[*] Fixed opening an excessive amount of bases.
[*] Fixed Alert action.
[*] Fixed bugs in recording mode in PM.
[*] Fixed the redundant execution of macros.
[*] Fixed recording of AllowPopup setting.
[*] Fixed Input settings errors in ZP for projects that were created in old builds.
[*] Fixed handling of CpuClass, OsCpu, Platform, Product, ProductSub profile fields when saving and loading profiles.
[*] Fixed crash of PM on loading google documents.
[*] Action Switch is marked incorrect if it contains rows with the same values​​.
[*] Fixed display of some sites that looks differ comparing to standalone browsers.
[*] Fixed a crash of PM when using KeyEvents in C# code.

[*] ZP displays in fullscreen mode if it used it until was minimized to tray.