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ZennoPoster (11.08.2014)

[+] Added the ability to sell projects via user area not only for ZennoBox, but for ZennoPoster too.
[+] Added new mirror servers in the United States and China, if you can not connect to the primary server, ZennoPoster automatically switch to the nearest available mirror.
[+] Proxycheker’s servers were relocated to 3 different data center (USA, Germany, Russia) for high availability and reliability.
[+] Ability to select actions using the framework and through Ctrl + Click in Projectmaker. Selected actions can be moved / cut / copied / deleted / inserted. Actions will keep their connections.
[+] New in Input settings: tabs and dropdowns.
[+] Added the ability to import and export for input settings.
[+] Added the ability to connect profiles for Http Get and Post actions.
[+] Global variables are marked differently when declared in the project and outside of it.
[+] New option for List processing - Delete rows action - delete all lines that doesn't fit regular expression.
[+] Browser’s version was updated to the latest 24 FireFox ESR.
[+] Added the ability to automatically find and clean up unused variables in the project.
[+] Added the ability to manage templates with bat files and C# ZennoPoster class by template’s name, without unique id.
[+] Added the ability to quickly insert snippets from the Snippets folder in C # action.
[+] Added property project.Context for storage and exchange of objects between C # snippets, this feature is useful when you work with database to keep connection to it.
[+] Added method project.Profile.RegenerateLogin (String) to generate logins.
[+] Added method HtmlElement.ScrollIntoView () to scroll to the specified html element.
[+] Added method IZennoTable.Clear () to clear the contents of the table with code.
[+] Added method IZennoTable.Bind (String) to bind a table to the file with code.
[+] Added method IZennoList.Bind (String) to bind a list to a file with code.
[+] Added methods IZennoList.AddRange (IEnumerable ) and IZennoList.AddRange (IZennoList) to add to the list of array data.
[+] Added several Chinese anticaptcha services.
[+] When copying actions from one project to another, all variables, lists and tables used in the actions are copied into the project too.
[+] Added option for the action “Text Processing - ToUpper”, “The first character” - uppercase only the first character of the text.
[+] Changed minimum value for delay emulation = 15ms, the maximum is increased to 10000ms (10 seconds).
[+] Actions that use non-existing variables in the parameters stand out as wrong.
[+] New switches in ProjectMaker’s browser: “Load styles (css)” and “Load plugins in the same window.”
[+] When you open already added projects in ZennoPoster you will see alert about it.
[+] New options in context menu in ProjectMaker: “Close” and “Close all except this one.”
[+] Added automatic numbering of columns in table processing action.
[+] “IF” action was optimized and fixed.
[+] Added new option for context menu of tasks ZP “Reset failures in a row.”
[+] Added “Show in log only” option in Alert action.
[+] Captcha recognition modal window may be closed in ProjectMaker without solving captcha.
[+] New option for proxy checker: check for any URL.
[+] New interface for proxy checker.
[+] New proxy source’s setting: “Assume all proxies from this source alive” - proxy immediately goes to alive list without checking. They will have higher priority and will goe to alive list before proxies from other sources.
[+] “Rescan” option in proxy source’s settings has two options now - “The minimum interval since last check” and “Minimum interval after usage”
[+] Proxy sources that were found by “Auto search” functions appear in sources list only after confirmation that they are valid.
[+] New option in proxychecker: “Check proxies only once.” It’s good for checking large public sheets.

Bug fixes
[*] Drag & Drop function, now it works on all sites.
[*] InputSettings - you can use fields with the same name from now on.
[*] Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y hotkeys in the C # code editor.
[*] Breakpoints bug in CodeCreator.
[*] Window for selecting a directory in FTP directories action didn’t appear.
[*] Some bugs with SFTP.
[*] Fixed some bugs with Yandex mail
[*] Email processing when you used the same email several times in 1 project.
[*] Context menu in ProjectMaker.
[*] HTTP - Save as file now works properly.
[*] Keyboard emulation in plug-ins (such as flash).
[*] Size of controls in Http Get and Post actions.
[*] Closing of Switch action in advanced editor of PM is fixed.
[*] Display of alive proxies list in proxy checker.
[*] Window for manually entering captchas.
[*] Recording mode when testing “Search by picture” function is recognized normally.
[*] Manual referrers are working properly if you change them within a project more than once.
[*] PreviousSibling method’s problems for C# action.
[*] Counter of failures in row.
[*] Input settings are saved properly if ZennoPoster crashes.
[*] Multithreaded downloading of files working properly.
[*] Proxy Checker: error with duplicate proxies was fixed.
[*] GeoIP database was updated.