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ZennoPoster (21.01.2016)

[+] Group regexes have been added to Text processing and Tabs>Data actions allowing to parse several results at once. In actions properties you will be able to select match #, when saving to variable, or save results to table, optionally excluding some range of columns.
[+] Regex Constructor has been modified. It now displays results by groups allowing to select required results and copy them to clipboard.
[+] Asynchronous captcha recognizing option has veen added. It can be enabled in additional settings of captcha recognizing action (the tab More). After that associated waiting recognition action will be added.
[+] New optional parameter asyncRecognize has been added to captcha recognizing methods of ZennoPoster class. Using this parameter methods will return recognition ID that you should use as parameter of the new method ZennoPoster.WaitCaptchaRecognition(string).
[+] New mode “Browser w/out content view” for project operation has been added. The mode allows to disable rendering, reduce memory and CPU usage. It currently works as beta, without plugins (flash, etc.).
[+] The setting “Open browser if necessary” has been added to “ProjectInProject” action. If browser in main project disabled, but nested project works in browser, then browser will be enabled while executing “ProjectInProject” action.
[+] The option to add certificate has been added to “Browser settings” action.
[+] Proxifier utility is now supported, related ”Use Proxifier” checkbox has been added to project settings. ZennoPoster works with Proxifier 3.29+ versions.
[+] When recording action in PM, new group will be created in visible part of project scheme if possible.
[+] Transliteration is now supported in own code, related method Macros.TextProcessing.Translit(String) has been added.
[+] New additional parameter throwsException has been added to ZennoPoster.MailConfirmmethod. Its default value is false. If you set true value, this method will throw standard exceptions from ZennoLab.CommandCenter.Exceptions.Mail namespace when error occurs.
[+] Program dependencies from AForge have been removed.
[+] The button to update start time to current has been added to Task manager in ZP.
[+] E-mail processing action allows to insert variable macros in extended mode.
[+] Operations with list “Add from list” and “Select sublist” allow to insert macros into list title field.
[+] Logging settings have been added to C# code. The property project.LogOptions.LogFile allows to set path to project execution log file and the property, project.LogOptions.SplitLogByThreadenables auto-separation log by threads, when setting this property value as true, log file will be named as “Path2file.N.extension”, where N is execution thread id.
[+] Two new options have been added to operations with tables: Sorting by columns and Remove dublicates by columns.
[+] Variable processing action now allows to process large numbers.
[+] The feature to add “Mirror” effect to image has been added to Image Processing action. Related methods have been added to ZennoPosterAPI for using in C# code.
[+] InnerText method has been added to HtmlElement class in ZennoPoster API.
[+] IEnumerable interface has been added to HtmlElementCollection allowing to go through collection in a loop.
[+] The option “Sort project variables alphabetically” has been added to project editor in PM.
[+] Methods Add(name, value), Delete(name) and Clear() have been added to project.Context.
[+] Method ZennoPoster.HttpPost now can be reloaded with content parameter taking array of bytes as value. Besides, when specifying content type application/octet-stream, you can select file path in content parameter or in related field in HTTP post action (in this case the request will be added to the binary representation of this file).
[+] Emulation of window.screen object parameters “top”, “left”, “availTop”, “availLeft”, “colorDepth” has been added. To change these parameters you should pass the argument “pref” with corresponding values “screen_top”, “screen_left”, “screen_avail_top”, “screen_avail_left”, “screen_color_depth” to the method Instance.SetScreenPreference(ScreenPreference preference, int value).
[+] Methods Instance.SetScreenPreference(ScreenPreference preference, int value) and Instance.SetWindowPreference(WindowPreference preference, int value) have been updated and now can be reloaded taking number instead of string as first argument.
[+] Emulation of “navigator.doNotTrack” field has been added. For emulation by means of Instance.SetHeader, which takes string value, the first parameter “http_user_agent_donottrack” required to be set.
[+] The option “Display non-latin characters correctly for .csv files in Exel” has been added.
[+] New setting “Delete proxy from live list immediately at check failure” has been added to proxy source settings in ProxyChecker.
[+] PM now allows to import all input settings, not only values.
[+] New option “If it is possible sort content as numbers” (checkbox) has been added to operations with lists and tables.

Bug fixes
[*] The bugs opening nested projects have been fixed.
[*] The issue reloading instance in Lite version has been solved.
[*] The bug when recently modified actions properties not applied has been fixed.
[*] The bug inserting text to flash forms has been fixed.
[*] Several errors converting actions to C# code have been fixed.
[*] The issue missing tips from “Shared code” in “C# code” action in some cases has been fixed.
[*] Issues recording project in CodeCreator has been fixed.
[*] The bug processing cookie in http request at redirect has been fixed.
[*] The issues identifying and working with active tab have been solved.
[*] The bug unchecking Ad checkbox when restarting project has been fixed.
[*] Error updating project by symbolic link has been fixed.
[*] Javascript authorization action is now disabled when recording project.
[*] Error opening proxies list from anonymous source has been fixed in ProxyChecker.
[*] Counting next proxy checking time in ProxyChecker after taking proxy from live list has been corrected.
[*] Sorting columns error in “Get line” operation with table has been fixed.
[*] Issues recognizing captcha with checked “last captcha” and unchecked “Stick captchas” options have been solved.
[*] The bug displaying wrong number of threads when stopping task in ZP Task Manager has been fixed.
[*] The bug in ImageProcessingResizeFromFile methodw when setting “percents” instead of “pixels” has been fixed.
[*] The bug with empty current project proxy when disabling browser has been fixed.
[*] Not working proxy parameter bug in FTP connection settings has been fixed.
[*] The bug copying variable from project input settings has been fixed.
[*] Few bugs in PM project editor have been fixed.
[*] The issues loading nationalgeographic.com website have been solved.
[*] Removing line breaks bug in multipart data header of Http Post request has been fixed.