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Zenno Proxy Checker (25.07.2014)


[+] Added proxy check to any URL.
[+] Updated user interface.
[+] Added option "assume proxy alive" - proxy immediately go to the live list with the options you selected in the source settings.
[+] Proxies that do not need to check, goes immediately to the live list, bypassing all checks.
[+] Now, in the category "recheck" you have two options - "Minimum interval since the previous test" and "Minimum interval after taking from live list"
[+] Resources found using automatic search are added to sources after checking for suitability.
[+] Added setting for source "Check proxy only once." Suitable for testing of public-large sources.
[+] You can hide part of columns in the live proxy tab
[+] You can select and copy to clipboard proxies from the live list.
[+] You can add name to the proxy output task.
[+] Added macro [country] & [country_code] for proxy output task.

Bug fixes

[*] Improved stability.
[*] GeoIP is updated.