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ZennoPoster (20.11.2018)

[+] Onboarding in PM and ZP.
[+] UI enhancements in ProjectMaker.
[+] Conversion to C# for parsing action blocks.
[+] Operation “Remove column” for table processing.

[*] Issue with post request modifying in browser has been fixed.
[*] Bug updating CookieContainer when disabling browser via action block with “Use current browser profile” has been fixed.
[*] Memory leak problem at email processing and error deleting email from server has been solved.
[*] Issue escaping special characters in plugin settings has been solved.
[*] Bug with empty ResponseBody in GetTraffic method has been solved.
[*] Issue changing data in Ajax request has been solved.
[*] Bug opening unknown tabs has been solved.
[*] Action properties resetting has been fixed.
[*] Problem loading mixcloud.com website has been solved.
[*] Bug in FtpChmode has been fixed.
[*] FTP connection now can be renamed.