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ZennoPoster (02.03.2020)

+ ZennoPoster now includes a newly added capability to import/export projects for working in Visual Studio. This capability replaced CodeCreator.
+ ZennoPoster is also added with the capability to substitute mic and cam input from a file in order to output video and audio to sites.
+ ZennoPoster log now offers an opportunity to get an action ID and go to an action in ProjectMaker from the right-click menu.
+ Traffic monitor now displays the time spend to query processing for browserless projects.
+ ProjectMaker is added with the capability of installing proxy by clicking No Proxy capture in the bottom of the instance window.

 Fixed an error that prevented saving Language to the profile.
 Fixed an error that modified emulation settings of the browser profile in the course of profile updating.
 Fixed an error that caused ProjectMaker hangup at the time of opening the project.
 Fixed the automatic proxy lookup in ProxyChecker.
 Fixed an error that prevented launch of browser-based project streams due to excessive browserless project streams.