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ZennoPoster (02.12.2020)


+ If ZennoPoster suddenly crashes, soft will be restarted and will resume the running projects.
+ Added the Speech Voice option in profile setting. Web Speech API allows users to interact with voice interfaces to recognize and synthesize a speech. Speech Voices has a number of voice presets, which are used to generate speech from text.
+ Added a feature to automatically detect and add Device Pixel Ratio provided the Screen Maximize checkbox was selected in profile settings. Device Pixel Ratio can be set with C# method instance.DevicePixelRatio as well.
+ Added Permissions emulation as it is in Chrome browser. You can check it there: http://yandex.ru/internet
+ Added an option to get the number of currently active threads. Example C# snippet:
int threadsZP = ZennoPoster.GetThreadsCount();
int currentTaskThreadsById = ZennoPoster.GetThreadsCount(Id);
int currentTaskThreadsByName = ZennoPoster.GetThreadsCount(Name);

+ A new feature called «Screen Maximize‎» was added in browser emulation settings. It sets a window size according to the generated Screen size. Rendering issues are possible during usage. This option must improve anonymity. Equal to C# snippet: instance.SetWindowSize(project.Profile.AvailScreenWidth, project.Profile.AvailScreenHeight);
+ There is a new option to add any Captcha service based on common APIs.
+ Increased ProjectMAker speed when using the Modern2 editor them - group shadows are off by default. You can enable them in “Appearance” → “Show group shadow”.
+ Changed the disabled action logic: disabled actions now behave identically to the IF (true) action. Meaning that when a running project reaches a disabled action it will be treated as successfully completed.
+ Brought default HTTP request user agents up to date. This only affects new HTTP-request actions and will not break existing projects.
+ Added an option to limit the number of connections in the ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker settings. It is meant to improve the stability for a large number of HTTP-requests.
+ Improved anonymity when working with JS alerts.
+ Improved the visibility of certain elements in the regex constructor in the dark theme.

 The Bad End - Good End logic was brought back: if one of the Ends has been reached the other will not be until the project is “Launched from the beginning”. Moreover, a new “Go to Bad/Good End in repeated debugging” was added to the Debug tab.
 Fixed the IF block compatibility for certain conditions.
 Fixed a bug that caused the “Image” action to not force-enable images after disabling them in the project settings in ProjectMaker.
 Fixed a bug that caused FullEmulationMouseWheel to not work in the Firefox engine, when the cursor was outside the visible area.
 Fixed a bug that prevented the project from saving after quickly editing C# code.
 Fixed a bug that caused ProjectMaker to crash when clicking “Test” in the action builder.
 Fixed bugs that sometimes caused project execution settings to reset in the Task Manager.
 Fixed a bug that caused long regular expressions to not be displayed correctly in the Regex action settings.
 Added the “Add” method for the dynamic IZennoList.
 Fixed a bug that sometimes caused ProjectMaker to crash when working with YouTube.
 Fixed a bug that caused Bat files, created with the context project menu to not work correctly.
 Fixed a bug that caused memory leaks due to the now gone Switch.