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ZennoPoster (03.11.2020)

+ Updated the code editor component. This increases stability, reduces the number of small issues and improves usability.
+ Added a “Cookie” tab in the Profile window in ProjectMaker that allows viewing, filtering, editing, and deleting entries.
+ Added the option to sort variables by manually rearranging variables in ProjectMaker or clicking “up” and “down” buttons. To enable this function turn off sorting in columns (Click the “clear sorting” button).
+ Added the option to block profiles on loading if the profiles were created in a browser engine different from the one in the project. To enable the option select the “Display error on incompatible profile load” in the load profile action. The project will finish with an error.
+ Added the option for force stop instances. To enable it right-click the instance preview, select “Interrupt” and confirm your action.
+ Added message color options in the “Notification” action and color filtering in logs.
+ Added C# code compatibility checks for older software versions. To begin the compatibility check, open the ciphering block and click “check”. After the process is complete, all ZennoPoster compatible versions will be shown in the drop-down list.
+ Added the option to customize SMS-services based on common APIs.
+ Added the option to selectively turn off actions in Project maker via contextual menus. The selected action will be greyed-out and will not be executed even in ZennoPoster.
+ Improved Swipe: the screen touches are now simulated in random places on the screen instead of the center of the screen.
+ Improved anonymity in the Chrome engine.
+ Improved locale and timezone emulation in the Chrome engine.
+ Sped up initial task launch in ZennoPoster.
+ Reduced CPU and memory consumption during Chrome start-up.
+ Added the ability to customize the code editor colors. Config file SyntaxEditorColors.json is located in the directory %AppData%\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster\7\ProjectMaker. Light and dark theme colors are separately adjusted in RGB format or by color names.
+ Added the code autoformatting button in ProjectMaker’s context menu, similar to Visual Studio. The hotkeys are Ctrl+M.
+ All attributes are now shown in the element properties section of the action-builder in ProjectMaker.
+ Creating a variable in an action in ProjectMaker can launch a dialog “This variable already exists, would you like to create another one? Choosing “No” will not set the value instead of resetting it.
+ Converting old *.xmlz files to *.zp in ProjectMaker automatically changes the opened project in ZennoPoster to the new version keeping all of the input and scheduler settings.
+ Changing the IP address when it is not in the trusted IP list will produce a specific “Add the IP address to the list of trusted addresses in your account at https://userarea.zennolab.com” message instead of a generic error.
+ Starting from this version the action-builder is fit to screen width with no white spaces on the sides, which allows to fit more information on the screen.
+ Improved tab visibility in the dark theme.
+ Brought back the information on the next planned project launch in the scheduler settings in ZennoPoster.
+ Copying the contents of the ExternalAssemblies folder on updating, installing and reinstalling ZennoPoster. If there are multiple versions of ZennoPoster and the foler is not empty there is an option to choose where to copy the files from ExternalAssemblies.
+ Now standard fonts are reapplied if custom ones cause a “ProjectMaker main window creation error”.
+ Added the login field for AWM Proxy in the “Proxy services” section of the settings. This has to do with the updated API of the proxy service. For the services to work correctly it is now required to pass the login field along with the API key.

 Fixed a bug in JS code execution (Intl.NumberFormat) that caused errors on certain sites such as nike.com, Airbnb.com.
 Fixed a bug that caused instances to crash when logging into YandexMail, mobile version of VK, and Tinder.
 Fixed a bug that caused gmtx.net and mail.com to not work correctly.
 Updated the SSL Fingerprint generation for profiles. Check it at ja3er.com and browserleaks.com/ssl
 Fixed an error that caused infinite scrolling loop to element in ZennoPoster.
 Fixed regular expressions in the IF action to compare strings with escaped symbols. The IF action no longer requires specialized JavaScript setup in most cases.
 Fixed coordinate detection when capturing an image (DrawAsBitmap and “This is a captcha!”) in the Chrome browser.
 Fixed a bug that caused cookies to be displayed twice in the traffic monitor when loading a page that happened on certain websites.
 Fixed the scheduler logic in ZennoPoster: projects that missed their launch window will not be launched right away when ZennoPoster is started, instead they will be deferred until the next launch time according to the schedule.
 Fixed the bug that allowed new project threads to be launched with an active checkbox “Stop execution outside of specified intervals” in the ZennoPoster Scheduler.
 Fixed the line numbering in the logs when compiling code.
 Fixed a bug that caused the code editor to work incorrectly with collapsed code regions, classes and method when debugging step-by-step.
 Updated error text in C# code from uninformative “Sequence does not contain element” to “No such variable/Table/Spreadsheet/List”.
 Fixed a bug that caused sessions to stack up when working with databases.
 Fixed a bug that caused errors when sending big files.
 Fixed an error that sometimes caused incorrect results for the IF ELSE action under high load in ZennoPoster.
 Fixed a bug that cause ProjectMaker to freeze when creating a new tab with “+”.
 Fixed a bug that caused ProjectMaker to crash when searching a mail with an incorrect regular expression.
 Fixed a bug that caused ProjectMaker to freeze when debugging with project.Profile.CookieContainer.
 Fixed an error that caused scrollbar artefacts to appear in mobile profile tabs.
 Fixed an error that caused Undo/Redo to not work when changing the lines connected to the Switch action.
 Returned the option to connect actions by double-clicking the entry/exit points.
 Fixed the error that caused incorrect datatypes to be sent in POST requests when using an alternative way to send requests.