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ZennoPoster (20.08.20)

+ The profile generation system has been fully re-implemented. Many problems regarding the fact that profiles were often being generated with incorrect parameters were eliminated.
+ The instance viewing system in ZennoPoster has been fully re-implemented. The "Show instances" button has been removed. Every project now has an «Instances» tab that displays images of all working threads in the project in real time and the status of execution: Preparation, Running, Waiting for action from user, Error, Done. Double-click on a specific instance to view it, press the red cross button to hide it. The "Show instances" window has also been re-implemented. Windows that are in «Waiting for action from user» mode can now be properly minimized to tray and maximized back from it unlike the previous instance windows.
+ The ZennoPoster scheduler now has an opportunity to execute the project only in the required time interval. Enable this option if you don't want the template to be executed outside of the specified time interval, this will cause the attempts to be nullified once the time is up.
+ Added an option to hide the author's ID in the encryption module in settings.
+ An opportunity to edit and delete regular expressions to search for email in the Email tool was added.
+ A search option was added in the xPath/JsonPath tester.
+ Detailed hints were added about the usage of the "IF (condition)" and "Custom JS code" actions.
+ Increased the size of the data input field in the action with Json.
+ A hint was added about the manual CAPTCHA recognition.
+ A hind was added about the fact that the upper bound is not included in the random action when generating a random number.
+ Improved animation of action ports in the ProjectMaker editor.
+ Added a new tutorial "Multi-threading in Google Sheets".
+ It is now possible to interrupt the execution of the "Launch program" action if it takes too long, the launched process will be closed as well.
+ The "Check input data matching" option has been disabled and removed from settings.
+ The name of the plugin and its ID is now displayed when an error occurs.

 Fixed the ProjectMaker editor, when an empty space would appear inside of a group of actions.
 Improved performance in Google Sheets when adding a large number of records to it.
 Fixed data sorting in Google Sheets.
 Fixed the error when the wrong row would get deleted in Google Sheets.
 Fixed the error in Text processing action when the space was differently processed in PM and ZP.
 Fixed the error when enabling the scheduler in ZennoPoster would add extra attempts.
 Fixed the error when the scheduler would ignore the allowed work time intervals on project launch.
 Fixed the work of the scheduler when it starts at 00:00.
 The scheduler now has a dark background in the dark theme.
 Fixed manual profile saving (Profile -> Save). Now all profile settings are saved.
 All CAPTCHA modules now send the correct Content-Type.
 Fixed the error when variables would disappear while editing the "Project in a project" action.
 Added a hint that setting the "Use GPU" option requires program restart.
 The notification about the incompatibility of the project version and the program version is now displayed correcctly.
 A more detailed error is now thrown when trying to load a profile using a non-existant path.
 The "Lazy rendering of the execution process" option has been removed from the ProjectMaker setting, since it duplicated the purpose of the "Lazy rendering" button.
 Fixed the error when certain websites would not load when using an alternative HTTP-method and proxy.
 Other improvements.