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ZennoPoster (16.09.2015)

[+] Working with ranges options have been extended.
[+] “Image processing” feature now supports transparent images added as watermark. Transparent areas of image won’t be filled with white color.
[+] Emulation smoothness has been improved when inserting symbols into webpage fields (for emulation with large delays).
[+] New setting “Remember number of last opened projects” that allows to control number of last opened projects on start page in PM has been added.
[+] Animation that allows to show/hide program windows in ProjectMaker has been disabled in recording mode.
[+] The parameter “Exit by failure, if list is empty” has been added to operation with list “Select sublist”.
[+] “Convert to C#” feature in project editor now allows to convert variable macros.
[+] Options “Set value from profile”, “Set value from variable” and Intellisearch are now available even when recording mode is disabled in PM.
[+] Errors processing in program log has been improved, error messages became more clear.
[+] “E-mail processing” action will be aborted at first attempt when entering incorrect authorization data.
[+] GeoIP has been updated in ProxyChecker.
[+] Action “If” error message is now displayed in ZP log.
[+] BypassCaptcha service has been added.
[+] Proxies loading from Javascript sources has been sped up.
[+] New property project.Path has been added for using it in C# code, it is the same as project.Directory, but with terminating \ in the end. 
[+] New C# method HtmlElement.Reload has been added allowing to reload not working properly Flash objects.
[+] New C# method ZennoPoster.InterruptTask has been added for interrapting tasks. 
[+] New C# method ZennoPoster.ValidateEmail to validate email address.
[+] Add support of luminati.io proxy service.

Bug fixes
[*] CSS disabling issue has been solved. 
[*] The bug filling fields on a webpage, such as Login, Name, etc. has been fixed. 
[*] Authorization in social networks bug has been fixed.
[*] Operation of taking text from a webpage has been corrected. Scripts and any other garbage won’t be taken.
[*] Issues downloading files have been fixed.
[*] Ctrl+V operation bug has been fixed.
[*] Few memory leak bugs have been fixed.
[*] Muting sound bug in ProjectMaker and in browser instance has been fixed.
[*] The bug working with socks5 proxies with authorization has been fixed.
[*] Getting instance.ActiveTab.Handle bug has been fixed.
[*] Freezing bug when using the property instance.ActiveTab.Title has been fixed.
[*] Issues working with cookie has been solved.
[*] Wrong extension bug when downloading files using HTTP requests has been fixed.
[*] Issues operating in browser with disabled Adblock plugin have been fixed. 
[*] Error processing html element events that not included into current event list (for example paste) has been fixed.
[*] The bug cutting/pasting several groups of action blocks in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] The bug of unbinding lists and tables from tasks has been fixed.
[*] The problem removing unused variables when working with nested project has been fixed.
[*] Saving lists issue when editing them via C# code using the indexer has been solved.