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ZennoPoster (19.08.2015)

[+] FireFox engine has been updated.
[+] ZennoPoster now allows to recognize ReCaptcha2 and KeyCaptcha in tight integration with CapMonster2.
[+] New paramaters has been added to “Image processing” action allowing to set indents for watermark.
[+] Input settings editing window now allows to use multi-select and drag-n-drop operations.
[+] “Set value from profile” and “Set value from variable” items has been added to context menu in html-element search field.
[+] The option “Not wait for closing” in “Run program” action has been added allowing to work simultaneously with third-party program.
[+] New method instance.AddToTitle has been added allowing to add title text to instance window.
[+] Enumeration of NavigatorField has been extended, new methods ShowNavigatorField and HideNavigatorField accepting any text values of fields have been added.
[+] The option to abort task has been added to Task Manager.
[+] System.Threading namespace is enabled for C# code by default.
[+] The item “Convert to C#” has been added to context menu allowing to get C# code for some actions.

Bug fixes
[*] The issue with “Keep aspect ratio” parameter when changing image size in “Image processing” action has been fixed.
[*] The bug with dynamic binding lists and tables to files has been fixed.
[*] ZennoPoster crashing bugs at intensive proxy checking have been fixed.
[*] Memory usage accross instances has been optimized.
[*] Limitations for running bases has been corrected considering projects that have 1 thread per base.