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ZennoPoster (23.12.2014)

[+] Project in project has been added as beta feature. Action that allows to nest another project to current one.

[+] The item “Remove unused blocks” has been added in static block menu. It removes unused tables, lists and ftp-connections.
[+] Blank project creation feature has been added. For it you should save your project into root ZP directory as BlankProject.xmlz.
[+] Dragging connections by tip of arrow feature has been added in PM.
[+] InputSettings comments now support simple HTML.
[+] Interruption of “Pause” and “Mail processing” actions during execution in ZennoPoster has been improved.
[+] Connections recreation for “Switch” action has been added.
[+] The option to check input data consistency to correct doubled text has been added.
[+] Logic of Actions Designer has been improved.
[+] The item “Set value from variable” has been added in context menu of C# code.
[+] ZP saves window size now after restart.
[+] Template name has been added in ZP input settings header.
[+] Auto filling of resulted variable selection field feature has been added.
[+] Instance global setting “Timeout initializing objects” has been added. This allows to reduce display time of download indicator yellow status (we recommended not to change this settig on weak computers).
[+] Global setting “Display alerts only on log” has been added. If you have several projects, it is convenient to turn off all alerts at once.
[+] Informational alerts while working with lists and tables which inform about adding elements containing delimiter have been added.
[+] Icons for toolbar buttons in ZennoPoster have been added.
[+] The option to pass typeid for RuoKuaiCaptcha service using additional captcha recognition parameters has been added.
[+] Options to sort labels in ZP and rename labels in the list of categories have been added.
[+] Space for icons has been increased in the Advanced Editor in the Quick Access Toolbar.
[+] “Maximize” button has been added in regular expressions constructor.

Bug fixes
[*] Software stability has been improved.
[*] Crashing when entering data on several sites has been fixed.
[*] Errors when getting captcha from several sites have been fixed.
[*] Fixed authorization on sites via OpenID (Google, etc.)
[*] Fixed popunder work on some sites.
[*] Bugs in view of elements tree and their properties have been fixed.
[*] The bug with COM object that could not be used when separated from its underlying RCW has been fixed.
[*] Proxing DNS requests via socks problem has been fixed (now you can uncomment related string for pref (“network.proxy.socks_remote_dns”, true) in xulrunner.js).
[*] Validation of endless task execution button in ZP has been fixed.
[*] The problem processing date on computers with custom date format has been fixed. Now ZennoPoster runs properly on computers with custom date and time settings.
[*] The problem binding tables and lists using C# code has been fixed.
[*] Custom headers operate properly now in all tabs.
[*] Proxies with the same IP, but different ports are now considered as uniqe in the list of live proxies.
[*] Additional checks for URL have been fixed.
[*] Captcha input window closes when pressing “Start”.
[*] Input settings reset bug when modifying project has been fixed. Now settings won’t reset if modifications do not affect input settings.
[*] Wordai work has been corrected.
[*] Incorrect deletion of all rows from table bug has been fixed.
[*] Recreation of connections between actions has been fixed.
[*] The following bug in editor has been fixed: if there was only one action in selection - it wasn’t inserted into groups.
[*] Scroll bug in resulted variable selection control has been fixed.
[*] Switch action view has been corrected.
[*] Actions search in advanced editor has been fixed.
[*] Display of empty frames bug in actions group has been fixed.
[*] Operation of the flag “First row - headers” in table settings has been fixed.
[*] Scrolling in combo-box of Actions Designer with atribute names has been fixed.
[*] Tabulation in action properties in PM has been corrected.
[*] Errors when opening “Program start” settings have been fixed.
[*] When opening projects in PM, the program now switches to “Actions recording” tab.
[*] Column name auto-substitution in table processing action “Get line” has been fixed.
[*] Problem with incorrect processing of action “If” at base.exe crash when comparing numbers has been solved.