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ZennoPoster (14.05.2020)

[+] Added request resending in Chrome. The instance.AutoRetry property enables resending, instance.AutoRetry5xxResponses enables resending for 5xx-code responses (instance.AutoRetry must be enabled). The instance.AutoRetryMaxAttempts helps adjust the number of attempts (1 to 10, 3 by default).
[+] The Element Tree’s context menu now has the Data Parse item.
[+] Now during user action wait, ProjectMaker displays a panel with a prompt and button “Continue execution”.
[+] Added support of digest authentication in the GET request for the alternative HTTP request method.

[*] Now the instance window is always displayed on the front when waiting for user action.
[*] Fixed operation of ThreadStatic in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed operation of the clipboard in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] In element handling actions, the setting “Wait for the element for no more than” now functions correctly if the waiting period is longer than 5 seconds.
[*] From now on, when debugging the C# code, the Stop button instantly terminates the project.
[*] Fixed ProjectMaker launch when the code editor can’t be initialized.
[*] From now on, ZennoPoster better handles secondary database processes, killing them in case of a freeze.
[*] Fixed freezes of alternative HTTP requests and freezes occurring when using the HEAD method.
[*] Fixed acquisition of DOM on some pages in Chrome.
[*] Now Chrome doesn’t freeze when the user tries to set invalid cookies.
[*] Increased Chrome initialization timeouts. Now browser launch must go smoother on heavily-loaded PCs.
[*] In the Data Parse window, Range and Filtering tabs are swapped for the sake of ergonomy.
[*] Fixed editing of the match number in classic search when pasting a variable from the context menu.
[*] Now the minimized blocks of the C# code and general code are remembered when closing the window.
[*] Reduced consumption of proxy connections when working with HTTP Connection Pool for the alternative HTTP request method. Works for proxy packets limited in the number of connections.
[*] Fixed XML tag parsing.
[*] Hidden outdated settings of Settings → Instance.
[*] Fixed reCAPTCHA v2 solving on some websites.
[*] Fixed error description when specifying the UserAgent header in HTTP requests in an invalid format.
[*] Fixed time zone when setting it by hours and minutes.
[*] Fixed the ZennoPoster thread count.
[*] Fixed display of variable values in action captions in ProjectMaker.