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ZennoPoster (02.03.2020)

[+] Chrome Developer Tools added in ProjectMaker.
[+] From now on, when a ZennoPoster task is finished by timeout, the Instance process is finished if it was used to prevent browser freezes.
[+] New properties Instance.FrameRate and Instance.AnimationFrameRate added to ZennoPoster API. Using them you can control computer resource usage on websites with heavy animation.
[+] Now ZennoPoster planner only launched after the program is fully loaded.
[+] Added support of cookie parameters SameSite and Priority in CookieContainer and Chrome. The parameters and saved and loaded in the profile and participate in all the cookie feed methods.
[+] In Settings → Other, added a setting “Limit max log file entry size”. The function is disabled by default. Users working with large volumes of data and not needing the full log are recommended to enable the limit as it will improve ZennoPoster performance and reduce memory load.

[*] Fixed numerous bugs that caused Chrome crashes and freezes. Now the browser works smoothly.
[*] Fixed IndexedDB operation in Chrome. Now signing in on websites (e.g. Tinder and Telegram) won’t crash.
[*] Chrome got more private. Most websites (e.g. LinkedIn now can’t see ZennoPoster).
[*] Google authentication is now more stable.
[*] Fixed full mouth emulation. This led to correct display in Yandex.Metrika on some websites.
[*] Fixed text highlighting on a page with FullEmulationMouseClick and FullEmulationMouseMove.
[*] Fixed generation of WebRtc mediaDevices for Chrome.
[*] Fixed Chrome freezing on websites with a chatbot.
[*] Fixed file downloads on several websites in Chrome.
[*] Fixed transfer of referer through the clickthrough cube leading to a Chrome page.
[*] Fixed date emulation. Some problem websites (e.g. smule.com) started to work properly.
[*] Fixed errors that led to a captcha appearing on CloudFare-powered websites.
[*] Fixed errors that led to a failure to load Variti-protected pages.
[*] Issues displaying pages when redrawing Chrome combo-boxes on several websites have been solved.
[*] ZennoPoster program settings are saved correctly when you have connection problems.
[*] Problem losing data when saving profile has been solved. The operation will fail if there are problems with getting data from the browser.
[*] Fixed manual download of files when waiting for the user’s action in the browser in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed arrow relocation in ProjectMaker. Now the project correctly saves stated and adequately responds to project changes.
[*] Now an alternative HTTP request method can process invalid cookies.
[*] Fixed multipart operation in the alternative HTTP request method.
[*] Fixed GeoIP base loading.
[*] Now the Host header for HTTP requests is displayed properly in the traffic monitoring interface.
[*] Now proxy validity is checked in code HTTP requests. If the proxy is invalid, the request won’t be sent.
[*] Fixed processing of HTTP requests with invalid Content Type.
[*] Fixed operation of the automatic filter of the extended log for tasks in ZennoPoster.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.