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ZennoPoster (03.12.2019)

[+] Improved Chrome stability.
[+] Added GPU rendering in Chrome.
[+] Improved random number generator in all the cubes using randomizing.
[+] Added new action: Directory → Check Directory Existence.
[+] Action Go to Page now ends with an error if the page is not loaded in Chrome.
[+] Improved error notifications when running projects from the folder of purchases templates.
[+] Added new macro {-Project.PluginDirectory-} and properties project.PluginDirectory and project.PluginPath.
[+] Added obtaining collections of global variables in the code.

[*] Fixed reasons for ZennoPoster thread freezes.
[*] Fixed the problem that led to errors of the Action Designer and obtaining Dom in Chrome.
[*] Installing extension 50505*50505 that led to Chrome freezes is now forbidden.
[*] Fixed operation of HTTP proxies in the alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Fixed redetermination of the Host header when redirecting in the alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Now the current-hour macro is included in the drop-down list with TimeNow macros.
[*] Fixed the error of saving a template that was caused by certain symbols used in it.
[*] Fixed Switch action design.
[*] Fixed displaying of variables in the context menu “Set Value from Variable’’.
[*] Other improvements and fixes.