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ZennoPoster (11.09.2019)

[+] Chrome Engine updated to ver. 76.
[+] Improved special symbol typing in Chrome.
[+] Alternative HTTP request transfer method added. Select the method globally (in Settings → Execution) or locally (in project settings).
[+] Remove default headers in HTTP requests in C# (removeDefaultHeaders).
[+] In case of an unsuccessful redirection, an error is logged.
[+] If an HTTP request is transferred with a non-existing file, an error is logged.

[*] Sending cookies upon resolving ReCaptcha3.
[*] Email acceptance auto-setting.
[*] Copying lists/tables.
[*] Copying an action ID from the log.
[*] Coding * in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).
[*] Looped redirection due to corrupted conversion of + in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).
[*] Instance’s identification of the memory used.
[*] Other minor bugs and imperfections.