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ZennoPoster (17.08.2017)

[+] Audio fingerprint emulation has been added. Unique fingerprint is generated at project start and saved in profile.
[+] Emulation of output audio devices has been added to WebRTC. 
[+] Projects now can be run simultaneously in Task Manager. (Groups of tasks have been added, Projects in group can be run simultaneosly, groups of tasks are executed one by one.)
[+] Virtual mouse drag&drop feature has been added. Related C# methods have been added to Tab class in APi - FullEmulationMouseDragAndDrop(int fromX, int fromY, int toX, int toY) and FullEmulationMouseDragAndDrop(HtmlElement fromHe, HtmlElement toHe).
[+] Blacklist for proxy sources has been added in buil-in ProxyChecker in ZennoPoster.
[+] Folder selection has been added in BotUI.
[+] The option to delete processed e-mail has been added.

[*] Problems in WebRTC emulation when reloading page have been fixed. 
[*] Issues working with Google translate via web interface in Text Processing>Translation action block have been solved .
[*] Bug loading files via flash uploader has been fixed. 
[*] Issues with RSS sources in proxychecker have been solved. 
[*] Displaying proxy field for CapMonster.dll module in Recognize ReCaptcha2 block properties has been corrrected. 
[*] Bug opening Yandex.Mail with enabled timezone emulation has been fixed. 
[*] Bug with audio adapter noize at program start has been fixed. 
[*] Program stability has been improved. 
[*] Issues with autocomplete in action properties fields have been solved. 
[*] Problem sorting tasks by time in ZennoPoster has been solved.