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ZennoPoster (03.08.2017)

[+] New action Get folders list in directory has been added. 
[+] Text input when ReCaptcha2 asks user to enter text to continue working has been added. 
[+] New option to disable autocomplete in action block input fields has been added if autocomplete causes inconvenience.

[*] Project stuck problems have been solved.
[*] Instance freezing bugs have been fixed. 
[*] Issues with invisible recaptcha2 on several websites when recognizing it trough antigate and rucaptcha. services have been solved
[*] Issues recognizing recaptcha2 Vkontakte through anitgate and rucaptcha services have been solved. 
[*] Minimum number of attemots for recognizing ReCaptcha2 through services has been increased in rc2 action block, so that workers on services have time to solve it.
[*] Few issues with virtual mouse have been solved.
[*] Bug with not working right mouse click in PM browser has been fixed. 
[*] Bug with first opening BotUI settings in ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] Issues executing Javascript code in BotUI have been solved.
[*] Bug opening language menu in BotUI has been fixed.
[*] Content dissappearing problem in first BotUI tab when opening new tab has been solved. 
[*] Issue writing BotUI errors to log has been solved.
[*] Bug removing list and table files when working with them simultaneously in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Problem of ZennoPoster long time closing at high usage has been solved.
[*] Problems with proxies in nested projects have been solved.
[*] Issues with registation on few Polish websites have been solved.
[*] Memory leak bug in ProjectMaker when working with lists and tables not bound to file has been fixed. 
[*] Interaction with Proxifier software has been optimized. 
[*] Problems displaying http get/post requests in Traffic window have been solved.
[*] Project recovering has been corrected. 
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.