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ZennoPoster (29.06.2017)

[+] BotUI localization facilities have been added. It is now possible to create bot interface on different languages and no needed to create separate projects for customers from different countries. 
[+] ReCaptcha2 action block now supports captchas with auto-submit. 
[+] ReCaptcha2 action block now works on page with several captchas where only visible catpcha should be recognized. 
[+] Audio/video devices now can be enulated in WebRTC. For it the value WebRTCMode.Emulate should be set to Instance.WebRTCWorkMode property. To get list of devices available in the system, new method Instance.GetWebRTCDevices(), which returns element collection WebRtcDeviceItem, should be used. Instance.ShowWebRTCDevice method allows to enable devices, Instance.HideWebRTCDevice method - to disable them from list. To create device, you should fill in WebRtcDeviceItem fields: type, name and device ID. Device identifier usually has the following format {} {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. All WebRTC settings - operation mode, devices and addresses can now be saved in profile. When you physically change the device list, you should click “Restart” in ProjectMaker, or start a new database in ZennoPoster. 
[+] New feature to work with fonts, which available in browser, has been added (without emulating in Flash yet). To get fonts list, the method Instance.GetFonts() should be used. Fonts can be enabled using Instance.ShowFont method and disabled with Instance.HideFont method. If you enable a font, which is not actually exists in your system, it won't be shown, but will be saved in current fonts list of instance. When the font will be added to you system, it will be displayed in browser. Fonts list can be saved to profile, if you didn't edit fonts list, default list will be saved. To emulate fonts you should enable “Dedicated process” in project settings, as emulated list can't be devided to instances. 
[+] Few UI improvements have been made (action search option added, fast action block creation can be set up for hotkeys in ProjectMaker).
[+] New option in program settings - Settings→Execution→ Save files safely (enabled by default) has been added. This allows to avoid corrupting lists and tables when computer shuts down unexpectedly . This option slows down data processing and can be disabled if it is not required.


[*] Operation of instance.AddToTitle method has been corrected.
[*] Issues with ChangeRequest and ChangeResponse methods in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker not working, when Traffic window is displayed, have been solved.
[*] Bug misleading \r and \r\n in Regex Constructor has been fixed.
[*] Bug corrupting Proxifier profile has been fixed. 
[*] False error bug when adding watermark to image has been fixed. 
[*] Problems in Chinese JsdatiCaptcha captcha service operation have been soilved .
[*] Issues when extended e-mail processing editor unexpectedly closed have been solved.