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ZennoPoster (05.05.2017)

[+] New static block BotUI has been added. 
[+] The option to execute JS script in “In all tabs” has been added. 
[+] The option “Do not switch focus from other processes (some websites may not work properly)” has been added. This allows to avoid screen blinking and active focus loosing problems when working with ZennoPoster. Note that your templates should be checked whether they work correctly with this option as some websites require active focus for browser (for example VK).
[+] New option “Open browser if required” has been added to C# method “ProjectInProject”.
[+] Network connections processing has been improved. .
[+] New filter “Cloudflare proxy” has been added to ProxyChecker. If websites are not behind cloudflare, then IP cloudflare won't work as http proxy. This filter will allow to decline attempts to work with such websites. 
[+] Few minor UI improvements have been made.


[*] The issue sending empty picture instead of captcha when working in Browser w/out content mode in PM has been solved. 
[*] Problem with right mouse click in dropdown list has been solved. 
[*] Bug with instance reload in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Issues not closing context menu have been solved
[*] Problem of incorrect operation at red exit after executing nested project has been solved. 
[*] Bug updating profile in CodeCreator interface has been fixed. 
[*] Bug not adding first line from list to first column of the table when importing list to table has been fixed. 
[*] Issue that extra empty line appears in the list when deleting empty line from list has been solved. 
[*] Problem selecting birth year using profile macro when registering on some sites has been solved. 
[*] Updating profile field in PM interfaces when loading profile manually from Human/Profile tabs in top toolbar has been fixed.