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ZennoPoster (17.04.2017)

[+] Summer time is now considered for automatic timezone emulation. 
[+] Number of downloaded e-mails now can be changed in E-mail processing action. This allows to decrease project execition time and reduce traffic. 
[+] New method FullEmulationMouseWheel for emulating virtual mouse scroll has been added.
[+] New method instance.StopDownloads() for stopping background downloads has been added. 
[+] Program stability working on servers has been improved. 
[+] Enabled “Line numbering option in C# block” is now remembered..
[+] Diagnostic tools have been extended.

[*] Bug in ProjectMaker scrolling two windows at the same time has been fixed. 
[*] Issue not getting proxy from proxychecker in project without browser has been solved.
[*] Bug focusing element by right mouse click on it has been fixed. 
[*] Bug duplicating headers in response to GET-request with redirect has been fixed.
[*] Errors converting database action to C# code have been fixed.
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.