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ZennoPoster (23.03.2017)

[+] New sms service give-sms.com has been added
[+] New method GetTraffic for getting last navigated urls has been added..
[+] New method PageScale for setting up page view scale from code has been added. 
[+] Methods GetBrowserPreference и SetBrowserPreference for configuring browser settings from code have been added. 
[+] Automatic system time emulation has been improved

[*] Transparent images are now rotated correctly without loosing transparency. 
[*] Issues loading certain websites have been solved. 
[*] The bug loading pages on Yandex.WebMaster when emulating timezone has been fixed. 
[*] The error selecting default timezone in standard action block has been fixed.
[*] The issue with mouse emulation in automatically created tab has been solved. 
[*] Infinite scroll bug when using virtual mouse has been fixed.
[*] The bug processing redirects in HTTP GET/POST requests has been fixed.
[*] The problem sending element to Action Designer when element properties were not displayed and element was not focused in Elements Tree has been solved.
[*] The issue prrocessing SPAM folder when downloading e-mails from GMAIL has been solved. 
[*] The bug not changing project.Proxy value via instance.SetProxy method has been fixed.
[*] The bug loading profile w'out proxy and not removing current proxy has been fixed. 
[*] The bug not updating project.Proxy value when returning from nested project has been fixed. 
[*] The issue with “Remove previous proxies” option in source settings not removing proxies from live list has been solved. 
[*] Documentation for the program has been edited and corrected. 
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.