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ZennoPoster (10.02.2017)

By popular demand, a feature virtual mouse was added to ZennoPoster. This feature allows to emulate human behavior on a website, for example, proper cursor moving, reading titles, articles, viewing pictures. For the first release, it available in C# snippets.
Also, this build, was migrated to new .NET Framework version. For proper work the program requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 and higher.
This means that next versions of ZennoPoster won't be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, because Microsoft has stopped supporting them year ago and won't update their workbench.

[+] Mouse move emulation has been extended.
[+] PM UI now allows to stick projects on Start page.
[+] Memory usage for JSON and XML processing has been significantly reduced. 
[+] CPU usage during projects execution has been optimized. 
[+] Log view has been optimized.
[+] SetTimeZone method has been optimized, it now enables timezone emulation automatically. Default Timezone value can be returned using TimezoneWorkMode property.
[+] New method instance.Reload() has been added to ZP API allowing to restart instance from code.

[*] The bug focusing browser window has been fixed. Keyboard emulation operation has been improved. 
[*] Issues with project view in PM interface have been solved. 
[*] The bug with blurred action blocks displaying in project editor has been fixed. .
[*] Timezone emulation has been corrected and now works properly on such websites as instagram.com, textnow.com, etc.. 
[*] The bugs loading profile and its further editing from code have been fixed. 
[*] The bug when Input Settings opening blocked program UI has been fixed. 
[*] PM lags when working with Actions Designer and selecting field for uploading has been fixed. 
[*] The bug with not working Start/Stop operation for large number of selected projects has been fixed. 
[*] The bug with non-active address field when adding proxy source has been fixed. 
[*] HardwareConcurrency field default value has been corrected.
[*] The bug displaying old profile data in Human/Browser tabs in PM after loading new profile has been fixed. 
[*] Few minor bugs in PM UI have been fixed.