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Vkontakte Group Wall Poster Zennoposter Template

  • Group Wall Poster
  • Open Group
  • SMM
  • vk.com

Vk.com Open Group News Posting.

  • Adds news on the wall of public groups.
  • It is also possible to add comments to the specified posts.
  • Add text, uploads pics, sets posting on behalf of the group and sets signature.
  • After posting, shares news with friends and Likes it.
  • In the file "poster.txt", with links to groups can be written links to the posts, the template automatically specifies what should be done to create a new post or leave a comment.
  • When adding a comment to a post, you can Like this comment, but does not share them because it does not allow the site functionality!


Execution Order:
Execution Count: -1 (or required number of executions)
Max Number of Threads: Unlimited


Input Data:
All input files should be located in the data folder, which should be in the project directory

The first input format. Normal.

Types of filling:
1. Specify URL groups where post or direct link to the post that you want to leave a comment.
2. Specify URL groups where post or direct link to the post that you want to leave a comment; the path to the file from which data will be taken for the posts.
In the first case, the text of posts will be taken from a file text.txt located in the project directory.
Lines are taken one by one with removal (Append data to the end of the list, or not, after the placement of posts - set in the input settings of the template).


News for posting 
Divider between news:
Pictures are inserted at the end of the post in tags <pic>1.jpg|2.jpg|3.jpg</pic> pics are divided by vertical line | .
Append data to the end of the list, or not, after the placement of posts - set in the input settings of the template.
Specify only picture names and extension but without folder name.
First news is taken with removal.


Pic Folder
Stores all the images for template, whose names specified in the “body” of news file.


The second input format. The use of this input data format for posts is included in the template input settings, in the "Advanced" tab

Data for posting .xlsx
The first line of this file is the headers. They spelled out what needs to be indicated in the supported column of the input table.
A - Login
B - Password
C - Proxy. The field is filled in if a specific proxy is assigned to a specific account. The path to the file with the proxy in the input settings in this case does not need to be specified.
D - community URL or user profile URL
E - Date and time of posting. If the field is empty, the template posts posts directly at the time of work. If filled, the post goes into pending publications.
F - Description. Post text
G - Folder with photo or gif. If the field is empty, media files are not attached to the post
H - The number of photos or gifs from the folder. The number of random photos that the template attaches to the post is indicated. If the field is not specified, or the number 0 is specified - media files are not attached to the post
Data from the file is used with deletion.


Output Data:
accounts in work.txt
The file is created by the template in the data folder when the use of the input data format for posts from the table is enabled
This is a utility file for the template. It records data from accounts that are currently in work.


bad profile.txt
The file is created by the template in the data folder, if necessary. It records data from accounts that are frozen or that have incorrect login information.


Also, when the option "Save links and screencast, new posts" is enabled, the template can create a report folder with screenshots of posts made.


In case template execution is interrupted by error (for example wrong filled files etc), it will automatically created report files in this folder. To fix your issue asap, you have to do following steps:
If you facing issue for the first time, run template in single thread without proxy and check in browser Instance on which step exactly does this error happens. Describe it as best as you can and send this folder files zipped to support@zennoscript.com
If you messaged as before about any issue with this template make sure to delete content of error folder before running it and sending report to us.
By doing these steps you really speed up process of finding the solution for your issue!


Input settings Zennoposter Template:
1. The path to the project folder.
2. Select the file from which proxies will be used (in case proxies will be used from the proxy checker or will not be used at all, leave the variable empty).
3. The module for solving rekaptchi2
4. Overwrite account information to the end of the list after use
5. Overwrite post (comment) data to the end of the file
6. The number of posts for 1 execution of the template, from and add
7. Pause between postings, from and to in seconds
8. Like the news (comment).
9. Post in your news feed. When you turn it on - posts will be posted on the account wall, and not in the group.
10. Respond to TS comment (starter topic). When this option is enabled, instead of commenting on the news, the template responds to the comment of the topic starter, if any.
11. Pause after adding media files.
12. Save links and screencast, new posts. The setting is relevant only when posting, not commenting on posts.
13. To take data for posting posts from the table
14. Save and use zpprofile from used accounts
15. The path to the folder where to save zpprofile

Buying a template you get a MONTH of FREE tech support.

Take in attention if you buying a subscription based template, you only have rights to use it during subscription period.

All templates required latest Zennoposter or Zennobox to run. We don't gurantee their execution on any others.

Stability and success of work of a template depends on proxy quality that using during his work

Template is bound with you ZennoPoster license. You cannot edit or resell it.

Any Template can be modified to your needs, modification cost will be highly depend on the complexity of desired changes.

Please use order form on Order Template page.

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