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Automatic Account Creator Mail.ru Zennoposter Template

Automatic Account Creator Mail.ru Zennoposter Template
  • Work on GET\POST
  • Account Creator
  • Email Forwarding
  • Antispam
  • Multiple domains

Automatic Account Creator Mail.ru Zennoposter Template

  • All template work is done on GET \ POST requests, i.e. The template works without using a browser, which significantly speeds up the process of registering and configuring mailboxes.
  • In the mode of operation, when mailboxes are registered without confirmation by phone, there is a nuance. If it was not possible to register a mailbox without a phone on the get-post requests, the template additionally tries to do this through a browser from the same ip address. This is done in connection with the tightening of the mail.ru policy when registering mailboxes without a telephone.
  • Register mailboxes to any e-mail domain: mail.ru, bk.ru, inbox.ru, list.ru, mail.ua.
  • Registration of mailboxes with confirmation by number, using manual sms input, or services sms-activate.ru, getsms.online, vak-sms.com, simsms.org, sms-get.co, sms-acktiwator.ru, cheapsms.ru.
  • Register several mailboxes for one ordered number (reception of repeated SMS is free), thereby minimizing the cost of registration.
  • Sets the anti-spam filter to create mailboxes.
  • Adding an autoresponder in the mailboxes registered with the specified text to answer.
  • Include forwarding to create a mailbox to a specified email address.
  • Set the signature on the mailbox during registration.
  • Upload a profile photo to registered mailboxes
  • Supports system randomization text - Spintax.
  • The template has a separate module: the mode of redirection and \ or change \ install signature. Sets forwarding on previously registered mailboxes to the specified postal address and / or sets the text of the signature on such mailboxes. It is also possible to delete all existing forwarding filters before creating a new one.
  • Save on the proxy, if you have a 3G-4G modem or router automatically restart them after a set number of executions via BAT files.

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