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Vkontakte Private Group Creator, Page Builder Zennoposter Template

Vkontakte Private Group Creator, Page Builder Zennoposter Template
  • Private Group Creator
  • Page Creator
  • Vk.com

Vk.com Builds New Private Groups, Pages.


Next creates specified number of pages, upload content to them from project files.


Execution Order:

Execution Count: -1

Max Number of Threads: Unlimited


Input Data:


Specify login and password in this format login:password

Lines are taken one by one with removal.


Group name.txt

Fill this file with desired group names.

Random line with removal will be taken.


Text Folder

Contains files with news for posting.

File names doesn’t are irrelevant, but extension have to be (.txt)

First line in the file – keyword (article title), rest will be used as message body (but without first line).

Files will be removed after publishing.


Output Data:


Saves Created pages URLs in a way:

Keyword (Page title) URL



Saves profile, which failed to authorize on website by any reason.


error folder
In case template execution is interrupted by error (for example wrong filled files etc), it will automatically created report files in this folder. To fix your issue asap, you have to do following steps:

If you facing issue for the first time, run template in single thread without proxy and check in browser Instance on which step exactly does this error happens. Describe it as best as you can and send this folder files zipped to support@zennoscript.com
If you messaged as before about any issue with this template make sure to delete content of error folder before running it and sending report to us.
By doing these steps you really speed up process of finding the solution for your issue!


Input settings Zennoposter Template:

1. Number of pages in single group per single run.

2. Captcha solving module selection.

3. Proxy file path (in case proxy will be used from proxy checker, or won't be used at all leave blank).

4. Project Directory.

Buying a template you get a MONTH of FREE tech support.

Take in attention if you buying a subscription based template, you only have rights to use it during subscription period.

All templates required latest Zennoposter or Zennobox to run. We don't gurantee their execution on any others.

Stability and success of work of a template depends on proxy quality that using during his work

Template is bound with you ZennoPoster license. You cannot edit or resell it.

Any Template can be modified to your needs, modification cost will be highly depend on the complexity of desired changes.

Please use order form on Order Template page.

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