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Avito Poster Zennoposter Template

  • Avito Poster
  • Ads Poster
  • Universal
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Universal Avito.ru Poster Zennoposter Template


Buying this template you get 30 minute of remote access aid with its configuration or simply with Q&A once.
Make sure to study readme file first.
When you ready send us 24 hours ahead request to support [att] zennoscript.com and specify desired time and time according to Moscow time zone.


What does Avito Poster ZennoPoster template can do?


  • Automatically creates new accounts. You only need to select the type of profile - a company or individual.
  • Confirms new accounts via SMS using the built-services smsvk.net, sms-activate (It is possible to specify a number for call forwarding) and simsms.org. (It is possible to manually confirm the presence of their sim-cards).
  • Pump the new accounts to create confidence in them by Avito.
  • Works from the previously established profiles.
  • Bind new or previously created accounts to specific proxy, and automatically detaches if they get banned.
  • Save on the proxy, if you have a 3G-4G modem or router automatically restart them after each execution cycle by using BAT-file or via a web interface.
  • If necessary, it sends a request to unblock the account Avito tech support.
  • Places ads on schedule.
  • Automatically fills in all the fields in all categories.
  • When publishing the ad changes the name and / or phone.
  • Makes text unique using Spintax, or takes a pre-prepared text file.
  • Automatically solves captchas (via all popular services) during the registration and publication of ads.
  • Uploads Images: all, one particular or random.
  • Before adding to the site processes the images to make them unique (contrast, crop, rotate, resolution change and aspect ratio).
  • Optionally adds a real phone number on the picture with automatic positioning (you can choose the text color and font).
  • Performs mass activation, editing, checking positions, removal and removal from Ad.
  • Removes the existing accounts in a single click.


Buying a template you get a MONTH of FREE tech support.

Take in attention if you buying a subscription based template, you only have rights to use it during subscription period.

All templates required latest Zennoposter or Zennobox to run. We don't gurantee their execution on any others.

Stability and success of work of a template depends on proxy quality that using during his work

Template is bound with you ZennoPoster license. You cannot edit or resell it.

Any Template can be modified to your needs, modification cost will be highly depend on the complexity of desired changes.

Please use order form on Order Template page.

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