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ZennoPoster (14.01.2021)

+ A new "Update" action has been added to ProjectMaker for the "Profile Operations" action - to update old profiles to the latest, up-to-date version of the browser. In this case, there is an update of the user agent and an update of all the necessary profile parameters.
+ A new profile folder format has been added to ProjectMaker, which is faster and better than the old profile file format.
+ A new "Working with Cookies" action has been added to ProjectMaker with the ability to import, export, and clear cookies.
+ A new "Checking for text" action has been added to ProjectMaker, similar to the "Create a check for selected text" function. Th e"Create a check for selected text" function also became a single tile.
+ A new C# code debugger (Beta) is built in. The expected effect is an increase in speed, debugging of new language constructs, and a fix for debugger hangs.
+ A new option "Thread Culture" has been added to Settings -> Execution. The new option affects the localization language of thread of (culture) execution and debugging projects and C# tiles. The Russian version has "ru-RU" set by default, affecting the parsing of dates, numbers with a decimal point, and other things.
+ A new "Free Projects" tab has been added to the ProjectMaker home page, which contains links to collections of projects for you.
+ Improved anonymity for Chrome.

 Fixed timezone and locale emulation bug on Chrome engine.
 Fixed bug of writing to Google table if first sheet (gid=0) is deleted.
 Optimized speed of execution of browserless projects.
 Fixed bug where debug did not work in ProjectMaker after several passes through the generic code.
 Fixed bug that could cause project execution to hang in debug mode if there was a throw operator in C# code.
 Fixed bug when loading a project containing problematic libraries.
 Returned IF action logic: the "No numbers > 0" expression gives an error.
 Fixed issue where the "Register" button on the m.olx.kz site remained inactive after ReCaptcha2 recognition.
 Fixed Schedule logic: previously, when selecting "How to repeat" - "In sequence with pause," the pause counter was started from the start of the project. The pause counter is now started when the project is completed.
 Fixed Schedule logic: the schedule will now successfully run the project with the same values in the OT and BEF fields.
 Fixed bug when starting ffmpeg via the "Run Programs" action with the "Write STD OUT" and "Write STD ERR" checkboxes checked, the action waited for the time specified in Timeout and ended with an error.
 Fixed ScreenMaximize browser profile option after clearing cache in Chrome.
 New option "Re-create C# code execution thread" added to Settings -> Debugging. Enabling this new option can fix memory leaks when executing C# code.
 Fixed cosmetic bug: when opening the site in a popup and then closing the popup the page address was changed to the previous one or to about:blank.
 Other fixes and improvements.