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ZennoPoster (24.09.2020)

+ The version of the Chrome browser has been updated to 84.
+ The C# compiler now supports up to version 7.3 of C#.
+ HTTP requests have been put in a separate process, which should result in a more stable performance of ZennoPoster.
+ The Chrome scroll bar in the browser settings of ProjectMaker has been separated into Chrome based - for generating browsers based on Chrome, and Chrome - for generating just Chrome browsers.
Emulation of chrome extensions was improved.
+ A new SMS service smshub.org has been added.
+ An opportunity to create a new table, create a new sheet or bind to an existing Google table has been added in the "Table processing" action.
+ Connection errors are now displayed in Chrome instead of a blanc page.
+ Automatic restoration of input settings has been added in case the input settings file gets corrupted.
+ A "Menu" button has been added to the task manager in the schedule similar to the Schedule button.
+ The column with information about the next planned launch has been restored in ZennoPoster if the project is being controlled by the scheduler.
+ The "Dedicated process" option is automatically disabled in the project settings when choosing one of Chrome, Firefox52 or Firefox52x64 browsers. The "Use Proxifier" option is also disabled when choosing the Chrome browser.
+ In case the version of ZennoPoster is lower than the required version of the project an error "A minimal version of ZennoPoster XX.XX is required for this project. Please upgrade" will be displayed instead of the previous "Project does not contain default settings" error.
+ A hint about proxy protocols has been added to GET/POST request actions.
+ The mouse cursor has been replaced by the pointer icon during the execution of the Touch action to make it clear which action is being sent at the moment.
+ Visual enhancements of the instance viewing mode in ZennoPoster.
+ The display of separate actions in the dark theme in ProjectMaker has been improved.

 The cause of the CPU memory leak when executing projects in multithread mode has been eliminated in ZennoPoster.
 Instance freezing when there are problems with tab creation has been fixed.
 The camera and microphone emulation in mobile profiles was fixed.
• The Antialiasing WebGL emulation was fixed.
 deviceId and label WebRTC installation has been fixed for mobile profiles.
 Battery power emulation has been added for mobile profiles.
 Other improvements regarding emulation of WebRTC Media Devices.
 Fixed the bug when screen orientation of mobile profiles would be incorrect or not be present at all.
 Fixed the bug when ProjectMaker would crash if a regex constructor that has not finished working had been closed.
 Fixed lagging when there was an unclosed multiline comment in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
 Fixed the bug when the C# action properties wouldn't get displayed correctly if the input field was resized to the smallest size.
 If ZennoPoster was relaunched after a crash, the project execution time in the scheduler doesn't shift.
 Fixed the bug when sorting a table that was loaded from a file would result in saving changes to the file even if the corresponding checkbox wasn't checked in the settings.
 Fixed scheduler's performance, when it stops working at 00:00.
 ForceTouch now enables mobile device emulation so that scrolls are only visible during scrolling just like in a mobile browser.
• Swipe display while viewing Yandex Metrics was fixed.
 Fixed ReCaptcha2 recognition on several websites.
 Fixed the logic of cancelling changes via Ctrl + Z in the “Custom JavaScript code” action. Previously this would cause the project changes to be rolled back instead of changes in the editor.
 The ForceTouch behavior after pressing "Restart" in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
 The automatic highlight of actions when copying and pasting has been returned.
 Fixed the bug when the result would not be displayed in a variable in the browser mode when executing an HTTP request in the no browser mode in ProjectMaker.
 The font settings for JavaScript for high-resolution screens are now applied correctly similar to C#.
 Fixed sorting by the Time (ms) column in the Traffic monitor in ProjectMaker.
 Fixed the bug when the "Save task ID to variable" and "Put to variable" rows would disappear in the reCAPTCHA recognition action in ProjectMaker.
 Fixed the timeout performance when downloading large files via alternative ways of passing HTTP requests.
 Fixed the bug when the "Project failed" error would occur after Bad End has been triggered in ProjectMaker.
 Fixed the bug when the ReCaptcha2 recognition task would get mixed up when using CapMonster.dll -> In tab.
 Fixed the bug regarding the length of recognition of ReCaptcha2 Invisible after it has been successfully solved.
 Selecting projects in ZennoPoster via the Shift key has been fixed.
 The "Open in ProjectMaker" button has been removed from ZennoBox.