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ZennoPoster (08.07.2020)

[+] Meet project localization! You can translate your projects, including notes, action texts, and messages in the log. To use localization, click Create Translation in the File menu.
[+] New Swipe Event action. Now you can make a simple swipe in any direction or to an element—all using the brand new action dubbed “Swipe Into New” in the action editor.
[+] Added a new class MouseEmulationParameters, which describes the parameters of full emulation, and a method overloading Tab.FullEmulationMouseSetOptions, which accepts this class. Beside the older parameters, the class now has a couple new ones—MinScrollSpeed, MaxScrollSpeed, which adjust the scroll speed.
[+] Improved brief view of the Accept Mail action. Now you can edit all the action’s main settings in the brief view. Also, if the system finds more than one message, it uses a newer one instead of returning an error popup.
[+] If there is no server connection, ZennoPoster will not add up attempts to the actions.
[+] The Cookie field is now hidden if you enable Use CookieContainer in HTTP request actions.
[+] Added support of the data-s parameter in the Solve ReCaptcha2 action.

[*] Fixed automatic updating.
[*] Fixed history in the Project Editor (hotfix
[*] Fixed emulation of touch events on some websites that recognized touch clicks as regular clicks. Added the action Browser Settings → Touch Screen (analog to C#’s Instance.ForceTouch). To ensure proper touch event emulation, enable the touch screen setting.
[*] Fixed AudioContext emulation in Firefox.
[*] Improved Chrome emulation, including logging in to Google services.
[*] Now, while waiting for user actions, navigation through the address bar works in Chrome.
[*] Fixed errors of action-to-code conversion that would occur if values used macros.
[*] Fixed functioning of Tab.Handle for Firefox.
[*] Fixed mouse jogging during full emulation in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed termination of inactive base processes in ZennoPoster.
[*] Other improvements and tweaks.