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ZennoPoster (20.06.2020)

[+] Added new action (new cube) Touch event. Touch and LongTouch options are now available. Classic search support; search by XPath and coordinates is also available.
[+] Touch and LongTouch events were added to Action Editor.
[+] Added the input mode switch (mouse/touch events). It can be found in ProjectMaker browser, near the devtools launch button. If Touch Events mode is on and recording enabled, touch event cubes will be automatically recorded to the project.
[+] Tab.Touch.LongTouch. methods were added to C#.
[+] Improved functioning of existing Touch methods.
[+] Smart search now combs through all ProjectMarker functions! Search results now include not just cubes but also their options. When you select, a cube with a selected option is added to the project. You can do it by clicking Enter, double LMB-clicking, or drag'n'drop.
[+] Added a new action: HTTP request. There, you can select any request type: Put, Delete, Head, Options, Patch, Trace.
[+] In the traffic window, you can now create actions based on completed requests. For that, we added the Create Action from Request function to the context menu.
[+] Significantly improved ProjectMaker interface response.
[+] Updated built-in template examples in ProjectMaker. Now with comments.
[+] Added setting Other → Disable Project Setting Restoration Dialog.

[*] Fixed errors when value setting and click actions would be encircled with a red dotted line if search by XPath was enabled.
[*] Fixed functioning of Touch for some elements.
[*] Fixed display of the action List Actions → Get String → Contains Text in ProjectMaker.
[*] ZennoPoster's task list restoration function now restores input settings as well.
[*] Now ZennoPoster closes bases faster, which helps reduce RAM load.
[*] Fixed browser launch and synchronization in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed execution of the Plugin action for an unsaved project.
[*] Fixed layout of Select fields in InputSettings.
[*] Fixed functioning of ZennoPoster.GetTaskInfo. Now, this method always returns up-to-date data.
[*] Changed the folder whereto plugins for purchased templates are downloaded. Now the folder with the template name won't be deleted.
[*] Fixed profile and CookieContainer handling when switching projects in ProjectMaker.
[*] From now on, a variable is not deleted from the Project action if the variable is renamed.
[*] Now ProjectMaker notifies of project change when editing the Profile Processing action.
[*] Fixed opening of the browser context menu when calling oncontextmenu.
[*] Fixed full mouth emulation when handling small elements.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.