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ZennoPoster (22.07.2015)

[+] FireFox engine has been updated.
[+] Built-in ProxyChecker in ZennoPoster has been updated to version 3.0. If you purchased ZennoProxyChecker software, its functionality will be available in ZennoPoster as well. There is no need to run two applications at the same time anymore.
[+] PM now allows to interrupt text entering while debugging project.
[+] Now it is possible to save plug-ins set into profile.
[+] Instance window can be reduced to the size less than 1024×600.

Bug fixes
[*] Operation stability has been improved.
[*] Few bugs disabling ads have been fixed.
[*] The problem entering characters with big delay has been solved.
[*] Memory leaks on machines running Windows 7+ even at work stoppage have been fixed.
[*] Memory leaks when processing POST and GET requests arised on few machines have been fixed.
[*] The issues processing POST and GET on machines with incorrect DNS settings have been fixed.
[*] Program freezing problem at project debug when processing POST and GET request and pressing Stop button has been fixed even if connection to proxy is currently freezed.
[*] The bug comparing multiline data with empty line in logic action IF has been fixed.
[*] Trash folder overgrowth issue has been fixed.
[*] Channel tester operation has been recovered.
[*] Issues reassigning variables in PM at recursive call of project has been fixed.
[*] GetLastError method operation in PM at unsuccessful execution of nested project has been fixed.
[*] The bug of creating invisible connections when combining two action groups has been fixed.