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ZennoPoster (15.05.2015)

[+] FireFox engine was updated.
[+] The option to disable ads loading has been added.
[+] New action “Image Processing” has been added.
[+] The static block “Using directives” allows to write shared code for all C# macros.
[+] New parameter DropDownMultiSelect in Input settings has been added. The paramater is a multiple-selection list, description structure is the following: “Name {Value1|Value2|Value3|…}”.
[+] The option to select folder in FileName input setting has been added. For it you should write ”{folder}” in setting description.
[+] New option “dedicated process” has been added to project settings. It creates separate process base.exe, where projects is executed. The same can be done if you set “Threads count in one process” = 1 in program settings, but just for one certain project, not for all.
[+] The option to backup ZennoPoster settings has been added in Setting → Other.
[+] Project Editor operation speed has been increased.
[+] ProjectMaker memory usage has been reduced.
[+] POST/GEST requests module has been completely renewed. Now it works faster and more stable.
[+] Detailed logs for e-mail, HTTP and FTP have been added in Execution settings. They enable creation of mailLog.txt, httpLog.txt and ftpLog.txt in Logs folder.
[+] New macro {-Page.LastDownloadedFile-} has been added, it contains the path to last file uploaded by browser.
[+] The flag “Create file if it doesn’t exist” has been added in binding file to lists and tables action.
[+] New recognition module has been added for recognizing captcha via RuCaptcha.com.
[+] Tab loading timeout setting has been added to status bar of browser window.
[+] The option “Reset fails when adding attempts” has been added in task settings of ZennoPoster.
[+] Threads priority management has been improved. New option “Threads with higher priority interrapt request of instances from threads with lower priority”.
[+] The option “Check now” has been added in ProxyChecker allowing to set highest priority for checking selected source.
[+] ProxyChecker now allows to add anonymus proxy list without binding it to source or file.
[+] New input setting CaptchaModules, which contains the list of all captcha recognition modules has been added.
[+] HTTP GET/POST-requests action blocks now automatically add http:// if necessary.
[+] The item “Copy variable value” has been added to context menu in ProjectMaker.
[+] The macro {ESC} has been added to action “Keystrokes emulation”.
[+] Now it is possible to handle javascript plugins collection of Navigator object. For it use the following methods: GetPlugins HidePlugin ShowPlugin

Bug fixes
[*] The bug specifying № of line with error when compiling code in ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] The bug in MySQL.dll driver which led to memory leak in ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] CPU and Memory usage when starting project in ZennoPoster has been reduced.
[*] Memory usage when checking proxy has been reduced.
[*] Stability of CheckingProcessor process has been improved.
[*] ProxyChecker performance stability has been improved.
[*] Issues in Project Editor when debugging projects have been fixed.
[*] Issues with russian profile encoding have been fixed in non-russian versions of ZennoPoster.
[*] Testing error after program installation has been fixed.
[*] The problem of unabling to get attribut value in Actions designer has been solved.
[*] The bug updating variables list when copying actions has been fixed.
[*] The bug with separator in not bound to file tables has been fixed.
[*] Operation of “SetValue” action has been corrected.
[*] The bug of processing “Project in project” action when it is optional.
[*] Copying static blocks from project to project has been fixed.
[*] Task scheduler log creation has been corrected.
[*] The issue focusing selecting project in ZP has been fixed.
[*] Operation of Tab.KeyEvent method has been correct allowing to use names of characters from the following listing:System.Windows.Input.Key.
[*] Displaying of resulted variables, lists and tables has been corrected in action captions.
[*] The bug deleting connections from Switch action when moving one of connections has been fixed.
[*] List of attributes updating in Actions designer when switching element has been corrected.
[*] The problem checking local socks proxies has been solved.
[*] The bug copying actions in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Keeping registry issue has been fixed in action “Javascript prompt”.
[*] The button “Delayed drawing” is active while executing project in ProjectMaker.
[*] The bug performing “Reload instance” action when executing project w/out browser has been fixed.