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ZennoPoster (03.03.2015)

[+] The option to select separator for csv table has been added in Table settings.
[+] The item “Replace” has been added into context menu for action blocks, it is active when clipboard contains action block.
[+] The option “How to download file + header” has been added to HTTP GET/POST requests, it can be useful when file download settings are defined by cookie.
[+] Memory usage for HTTP GET/POST requests has been reduced.
[+] ZP now adds default headers Accept, Accept-Language, Accept-Encoding to HTTP GET/POST requests.
[+] Profile window has new tab which displays current values of profile fields.
[+] More detailed logs have been added for action Process Mail. Now by logs you can identify why an e-mail has not been received.
[+] Log for Scheduler has been added. Now you can check what were executed and when.
[+] Scheduler now displays time of next program start.
[+] Matches from Regex action are now displayed in log.
[+] IntelliSense function now can be used in Atribut field of Actions designer.
[+] When creating variable for loop, ZP sets its both current and default values as 0.
[+] Word wrap setting has been added in “View page text” form.
[+] The option to insert proxy adress as protocol://login:pass@ip:port has been added for GET/POST requests.
[+] Size of proxy source settings window can now be adjusted by user.
[+] Property Project.TaskId which allows to get ID of current task in ZP has been added.
[+] Module CapMonster2.dll has been added, it allows to recognize captchas directly using CapMonster2 service.
[+] C# and JavaScript code action properties windows now has vertical scrolls.
[+] Property instance.UrlManipulation has been added. If it returns true value, ZP allows to use instance string.
[+] Method instance.WaitForUserAction(timeout) has been added. When calling this method, ZP is forced to display instance window during the time which set in timeout setting. Project execution can be continued by pressing “Close” button in the window or after timeout expiration. 
[+] The option “Always display alerts in log” has been added.
[+] For methods ZennoPoster.HttpGet and ZennoPoster.HttpPost added additional parameter DownloadPath to change default path to download files.

Bug fixes

[*] Import of input settings with tags have been added.
[*] Certain encoding can be selected for sending data via HTTP POST request.
[*] HTTP GET/POST requests now identify and extract gzip archives correctly.
[*] When selecting several actions, selection of single action is not available.
[*] Error loading the same purchases into ZennoBox and ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] Issues which causes broken catchas image have been fixed.
[*] Issues moving arrows between action blocks in PM have been fixed.
[*] Profile load action has been corrected. Now after loading profile, its changes are displayed correctly in C# snippets.
[*] The issue selecting new projects when adding them to ZP has been fixed.
[*] Some issues with tips for macros have been fixed as well as incorrect operation of Ctrl+Space command in editors.
[*] Scheduler performance has been corrected in ZP.
[*] Detailed log has been corrected, now it is more convenient to copy info from log.
[*] The bug passing proxy to nested project when debugging project in PM has been fixed.
[*] Software performance on several sites has been improved.
[*] Variables Page.LastAlertText and Page.LastAlertTitle are restored to empty values when pressing “Restart” in PM.
[*] The bug merging list lines after deleting dublicates has been fixed.
[*] The bug deleting e-mails via Imap when using ZennoPoster.BulkMailDownload has been fixed.
[*] Issues binding lists and tables in nested projects have been fixed in PM.
[*] Debug errors caused by Switch action operation have been fixed.
[*] The problem with execution of nested projects on non-active equipment has been solved.
[*] The bug with “Stop” button operation when switching from nested project has been fixed.
[*] Issues generating code in CodeCreator from Actions designer have been fixed. (It may require to reset settings of code generating to default.)
[*] Loading proxy issue when loading profile has been fixed.
[*] Variable macros in code comments are now ignored during actions validation.