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ZennoPoster (25.12.2014)

[+] Auto-matching variables by name feature has been added in “Project in project” action.
[+] On the main panel of ProjectMaker added a button “Delayed drawing of the execution process”.
[+] Alerts can be closed by clicking on any place of it.

Bug fixes
[*] Processing of debug control buttons when working with nested projects has been corrected.
[*] Instance processing in nested project has been corrected.
[*] The bug when loading blank nested project has been fixed.
[*] Matching variables list in “Project in project” action is now updated when deleting variables.
[*] Issues working with network files have been fixed.
[*] Problems when blocking projects have been solved.
[*] Actions Designer now works with locked elements which properties are unavailable.
[*] Scrolling of projects names issue on the record tab of the ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Some fixes in table and list viewer.
[*] Support of “Delete” key has been added in project editor ProjectMaker using which you can delete groups and blocks from project.
[*] Manual captcha recognition form processing bug has been fixed, it could not be shown in few cases.