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ZennoPoster (25.08.2014)

[+] Support for domains with non latin characters in Get and Post requests. (e.g. “bücher.com”, “мойдомен.рф”, “παράδειγμα.δοκιμή”)
[+] Added the ability to import Input settings via a bat file.
[+] Option to ignore frame loading is added. You can switch it off to avoid affecting busy state.
[+] Ability to minimize ZennoPoster to tray.
[+] New overloads for methods SendErrorToLog, SendInfoToLog, SendWarningToLog the last parameter is responsible for displaying a message in ZennoPoster.
[+] New options for Logs in ZennoPoster: you can edit time limits and maximum number of entries in the log.
[+] ProjectMaker was speed up.
[+] Http Get and Post actions: improved option to choose profile file.
[+] Added an optional parameter to the method ZennoPoster.GetProxy to return proxy in the canonical format (protocol://login:pass@ip:port)
[+] New C# methods: ExportInputSettings and ImportInputSettings in class ZennoPoster to work with input settings.
[+] Email processing and Pause actions can be interrupted in ZennoPoster.


Bug fixes
[*] DrawToBitmap method. In rare cases, it was impossible to save an image or get a captcha on huge pages because of the scrolling.
[*] Some stability fixes were made.
[*] Emulation of select elements on page. Disabled options are not used from now on.
[*] Wrong encoding detection for files for some encodings and it can be disabled.
[*] Looping with incorrect authorization data for private proxies and javascript authorization windows.
[*] .bat files work correctly now.
[*] Selecting and copying of Switch action in Projectmaker.
[*] Downloading files in Projectmaker.
[*] Errors in CodeCreator.
[*] Fixed search of elements on the page.
[*] Update of the URL in the address bar.
[*] If you are using your own characters in Random action, other flags are not available from now on.
[*] Escaping special characters was added when using the “Search for text on the page” function.
[*] Fixed working of SFTP without proxy.
[*] Fixed opening of InputSettings from the already added projects to the ZennoPoster.