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ZennoPoster (16.04.2020)

[+] Added a function to stop execution of a C# code. After you click the Stop button, if the code execution is not stopped within 5 seconds, you will see a prompt suggesting to interrupt the C# code.
[+] Coordinates for full emulation are calculated on the coordinates with reference to a tab rather than the whole page. This helps solve most of the problems related to full emulation.
[+] Added function Tab.FullEmulationMouseTabPosition returning the coordinates of a virtual mouse with a reference to a tab, i.e. visible page area.
[+] In case of a ZennoPoster crash or other problems with the saved task list, a task list restoration form is shown.
[+] Added support of brotli for an alternative http query mode.
[+] Added navigator.deviceMemory emulation in Chrome.

[*] Fixed Accept-Language emulation in Chrome.
[*] Fixed action writing in ProjectMaker when using Chrome.
[*] Fixed font hiding and showing in Chrome.
[*] Fixed localStorage functioning in Chrome. An error would cause a log out in Telegram.
[*] Fixed functioning of POST queries for an alternative HTTP query method.
[*] Fixed a problem when tasks would disappear from ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed occasional freezing of an alternative HTTP query method.
[*] Fixed order of headers in an alternative HTTP query method. Also, fixed order of headers when displayed in traffic monitor.
[*] Now, if Headers is enabled but Navigator disabled in a browser profile, UserAgent field is emulated. This is required to ensure HTTP query functioning.
[*] The Developer Tools button is hidden for Firefox.
[*] Now, in case of server connection issues at ProjectMaker launch, an appropriate message is shown instead of an “error creating main window” message.
[*] Fixed error of opening a file selection dialog in action settings, if the field contains an empty variable.
[*] Fixed freezing of ZennoPoster interface during auto-saving of a task list.
[*] From now on, you can’t create a list or table with a space in the tag.
[*] Now the tasks of the Task Manager in ZennoPoster don’t disappear from the overall task list.
[*] Fixed functioning of Instance.FormTitle for Chrome and Firefox.
[*] Fixed debugging of a C# кода when using methods Table: Clear, DeleteColumn, DeleteRow, DeleteRows, Bind, and List.SetItem.
[*] Removed setting “Reduced memory consumption for C#” that caused problems debugging a C# code.
[*] Added missing scroll bar in the Program Launch action in ProjectMaker.
[*] Now the number of an error string in a C# code is determined correctly.
[*] Fixed a problem when a virtual mouse cursor would occasionally disappear.
[*] Fixed causes of hotkey malfunctioning.
[*] When loading a profile of an inappropriate browser, a warning in the log is displayed. For instance, if you load a Firefox profile to Chrome and vice versa.
[*] Added a file selection button in the Solve Captcha action.
[*] Fixed default values of parameters window.screenLeft and window.screenTop for Chrome.
[*] Now the selected HTTP query method affects a C# code.
[*] Fixed functioning of full emulation methods without displaying content for Chrome.
[*] Fixed errors of browser tab syncing that led to website loading in a wrong tab.
[*] Fixed errors of syncing instance and ProjectMaker.
[*] Now text search finds a text in the Switch action.
[*] Fixed spelling errors in the xml format of a ZennoPoster task.
[*] Fixed renaming of projects in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed functioning of text translation with the help of GoogleTranslateViaWebInterface.dll.
[*] Fixed possible reasons of ProjectMaker freezes at project or program closing.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.