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ZennoPoster (29.01.2020)

[+] Updated Chrome 78 engine version.
[+] Improved WebGL and WebRTC emulation in Chrome.
[+] New setting Dns-over-proxy in Chrome browser config files (base_cr.exe.config and pminstance.exe.config in program directory). This option allows to avoid DNS leak via proxy and works as for http, as for socks proxies.
[+] “Detailed log” option is now applied immediately and not disabled at program restart.
[+] New action File→Wait for file.
[+] New action Directory → Wait for directory
[+] New action Text processing → Split text.
[+] New action Browser → Settings → “Wait for user action” which is similar to instance.WaitForUserAction method in C# API. Notification about waiting added as well as interface for manual actions improved in ZennoPoster.
[+] Action Directories→“Get list of files” now allows to select multiple masks using the character | .
[+] The option “Error at empty answer” in Text processing→Regex action.
[+] Updated vcredists in package with the program.
[+] Installer now sets optimal TCP/IP stack settings.
[+] Added setting Other → Compress Large Object Heap. Useful for processing large string data. For example, when auto search is enabled in the proxy checker.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastErrorComment-} and property project.LastErrorComment allowing to get error text or comment of last failed action.
[+] Improved list and tables unloading to hard drive. Now lists and tables can be initialized and processed even during unloading to hard drive.

[*] Problem authorizing in Google has been fixed in Chrome engine.
[*] Bug passing document.referrer when navigate to page from action has been fixed in Chrome.
[*] Issues with threads hanging have been solved in ZennoPoster.
[*] ProjectMaker freezing bug when browser is hanging has been fixed.
[*] Chrome browser hanging when clearing cookies has been fixed.
[*] Bug cookie passing through proxy has been fixed in Chrome browser (the bug raised in test version
[*] Bug loading localstorage in Chrome engine has been fixed. This could lead to authorization lost on a website and other problems.
[*] Fixed bug with URL updating in the ProjectMaker browser tab.
[*] Error message has been corrected in action block Browser>Settings→Set certificate in Chrome browser.
[*] Bug missing “Put to variable” field in Recognize ReCaptcha action properties has been fixed.
[*] Issues converting action blocks Text → Split, Text → Regex, Browser→Settings → Wait for user actions to C# code have been solved.
[*] Bug not cleaning list and tables temp files has been fixed.
[*] Changes in method instance.WaitForUserAction do not affect already published project anymore (the bug raised in test version
[*] Problem copying lists and tables, which not bound to file, from one project to another has been solved in ProjectMaker.
[*] Few errors debugging C# code have been fixed.
[*] Bug with Settings→Instance→Mute muting other processes has been fixed.
[*] Chrome drawing with small browser width has been corrected.
[*] Chrome browser freezes on certain websites or in popup have been fixed.
[*] Issues with HTTP requests on certain websites when using alternative method have been solved.
[*] Numerical designation for table columns when reading cells has been corrected.
[*] Issue with filename in lower case when downloading files via HTTP request or browser has been solved.
[*] Bug opening wrong tab in common code when debugging code in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Proxy format checking has been corrected.
[*] Error parsing XML containing invalid characters has been fixed.
[*] Content-Type is now displayed correctly for alternative HTTP requests in traffic monitor.
[*] Error restarting instance in new unsaved project has been fixed.
[*] Bug with spaces in alternative HTTP request headers has been fixed.
[*] Issue with cookie container when using alternative HTTP requests has been solved.
[*] Problem closing connections when using HTTP Connection Pool and alternative HTTP requests has been solved.
[*] Bug exporting input settings with wrong values of DropDown/DropDownMultiSelect settings has been fixed.
[*] Proper error is given when adding lines exceeding maximum number of rows in table.
[*] Searching in own code>C# and JS action has been corrected.
[*] Full date is now displayed in timezone error, not time only.
[*] Problem adding new namespaces for global variables has been solved.
[*] Issues freezing email processing when editing extended action properties have been solved.
[*] Bug with freezing at Set proxy action with enabled emulation settings has been fixed.
[*] Columns in monitor traffic window now can't be deleted unexpectedly.
[*] Fixed bug with HttpConnectionPool when working with proxies with the same IP but different ports.
[*] Fixed updating the GeoIP database.
[*] Other bugfixes and enhancements.