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ZennoPoster (14.11.2019)

[+] Added reCAPTCHA v3 recognition to most services.
[+] The environment variable tab is now updated automaticaly, when navigating on page or switching to a tab in a browser.
[+] The option “Use CookieContainer” in the HTTP request action is now selected by default.
[+] Added a “Wrap lines in C# code by default” setting in the Settings → Editor block.
[+] Added an opportunity to pass an empty User-Agent to an HTTP request or not to pass it at all in the C# block. In order to pass an empty User-Agent, you need to set the UserAgent argument to “”, removeDefaultHeaders = true. If you don't want to pass a User-Agent at all, you need to set the UserAgent argument to null, removeDefaultHeaders = true.

[*] Instance hanging problem in ZennoPoster has been fixed (Instance.PrepareInstance errors).
[*] Issues disappearing project list in ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Bug reseting input settings has been fixed.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the “Increase layout size to fit label” warning in ZennoPoster to block the program.
[*] Fixed a bug related to saving the “Text processing → Replace” action setting.
[*] Fixed variable replication, when copying the “Project in a project” action.
[*] Fixed the performance of project.Profile in CodeCreator.
[*] Other fixes and impovements.