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ZennoPoster (30.09.2019)

[+] Base starting timeout has been added in order to prevent CPU overloading on weak computers (see Program settings → Instance → Base starting timeout).
[+] The option to enable certificate checking has been added to Chrome browser (should be run with argunent –ignore-certificate-errors=false).
[+] Cursor operation in FullEmulationMouseMove has been enhanced.
[+] Proxy info used in http request is now shown in Traffic Monitor.
[+] BrowserProfile field can be taken via C# code using project.Profile.BrowserProfile method.
[+] Method ZennoPoster.SetMaxThreads has been added to ZennoPoster API allowing to set maximum number of threads in use.
[+] New option “Remove previous proxies excepting those which in live list” has been added to source settings in ProxyChecker.

[*] Problem with timezone emulation when accessing some websites, for example Avito, has been solved.
[*] Issue with Popup tabs operation in Chrome has been solved.
[*] Flash has been fixed in Chrome.
[*] Bug navigating to website by IP has been fixed in Chrome browser (running with –ignore-certificate-errors argument by default).
[*] Error in some cases when opening Action Designer in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Bug getting DOM-code and Text of a webpage in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Errors restarting bases frequently which were leading to slowing down ZennoPoster performance have been fixed.
[*] Auto-completing in search (Ctrl+F) by source, DOM code and text of a webpage has been disabled.
[*] Issue accessing project.Json object in new project has been fixed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Text in windows-1251 encoding is now sent properly in http request with multipart via alternative HTTP method.
[*] Issues displaying ico thumbnails in request info window has been fixed.
[*] Bug downloading file with wrong extension via alternative HTTP request sending method has been fixed.
[*] Errors leading to stopping proxy checking process have been fixed.
[*] Bug when auto-search sometimes did not work in ProxyCheker has been fixed.
[*] Bug cleaning project.Context at project “Restart” has been fixed.
[*] Issue initializing global variables in project when they are overwriting already existing variables has been solved.
[*] Other bugfixes and enhancements.