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ZennoPoster (07.08.2019)

[+] Integrated new proxy-service Infatica.io.
[+] Improved clicks emulation in Chrome.
[+] Implemented Intl object emulation for possible profile locales.
[+] Added emulation of navigator.connection and navigator.battery in Chrome.
[+] Results of “Run program” operation now can be saved to variables.

[*] Proxy checking algorithm for HTTPS proxies has been improved.
[*] Bug with WebRTC IP emulation has been fixed.
[*] Issue with proxy rules in Task manager has been solved.
[*] Autosubmit for ReCaptcha2 has been fixed on olx.ua website in Chrome engine.
[*] Operation of Instance.FormTitle property has been corrected.
[*] Bug with missing projects after first ZennoPoster launch has been fixed.
[*] Emulation of window.screen in Chrome has been fixed (bug with not playing video on PornHub).
[*] LocalStorage operation in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Errors missing or mismatching plugin/nested project are now displayed in ZennoPoster even in failing thread.
[*] Problem with audio emulation in Chrome has been solved.
[*] Operation of Tab.KeyEvent method has been fixed.
[*] Bug not saving list to non-existing file has been fixed.
[*] Operation getting number of lines from list has been fixed.
[*] Issue with plugins emulation in Chrome engine has been solved.
[*] Error emulating timezone and geolocation for some IP-addresses has been fixed.
[*] Telegram web-version now works properly in Chrome engine.
[*] Bug using double slash after {-Project.Directory-} macro in Instance.DownloadsPath method has been fixed.
[*] Problem with loading files initialization in Chrome browser (for example, avatar in Instagram) has been solved.
[*] Binary data display in Traffic Monitor has been corrected.
[*] Problems managing notifications in browser have been fixed.
[*] Other fixes and enhancements.