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ZennoPoster (09.04.2019)

[+] Errors processing regular expressions are now shown in Regex Constructor.
[+] New modificators - {CTRLDOWN}, {CTRLUP}, {SHIFTDOWN}, {SHIFTUP}, {ALTDOWN}, {ALTUP} and keystrokes - {CTRL}, {SHIFT}, {ALT} added to keyboard emulation.
[+] The field “checked” added to “Element properties” for radio and checkbox.
[+] Microsoft Translate API updated to version 3 (API version 2 will stop working on 4/30/2019).
[+] Improved operation stability of ZennoPoster.
[+] Group comments added to Search feature in template editor.

[*] Hotkeys operation when working on several monitors has been fixed.
[*] Inserting variables and snippets in C# action block window now replaces selected code fragment.
[*] Several bug-fixes in UI.
[*] Problem blocking access to directory selected as directory for downloading files for HTTP-requests has been solved (for mode with disabled HttpConnectionPool option).
[*] Bug getting proxy from proxychecker via “Get proxy” action block has been fixed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Errors after restarting instance in ProjectMaker have been fixed.
[*] Issue changing number of running threads in ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Bug adding list into non-existing column in table has been fixed.
[*] Issue with incorrect Accept-Language value in Firefox engine has been fixed.
[*] Bug sorting projects by status and other columns has been fixed in ZennoPoster.
[*] Operation of timeouts in HTTP-requests has been corrected.
[*] Issue with MouseMove emulation in Chrome engine has been solved (problem selecting fields).
[*] Issue loading favicon in Firefox has been solved.
[*] Bug repeating proxy output when getting proxy with deletion has been fixed.
[*] Firefox crash at setting limitations for proxy connections has been fixed.
[*] Bug with operation of FullEmulationMouseMove and other actions after restarting instance has been fixed.