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ZennoPoster (28.03.2019)

[+] DevExpress components have been updated, which should improve UI responsiveness, and reduce the number of bugs in it.
[+] When an error happens while executing C# Code, ProjectMaker now shows the line that caused the error when possible.
[+] clientHeight and clientWidth emulation has been improved.
[+] Windowless browser has been improved. ProjectMaker now displays the browser window with reduced frame rate for debugging purposes. ZennoPoster does not display the window for optimization purposes, and in case you do not want to show what is happening in the browser window for some reason.

[*] FireFox window size setting method was fixed.
[*] ReCaptcha2 recognition action was fixed.
[*] CSS style disabling when closing all tabs in FireFox was fixed.
[*] The option to change the engine from FireFox to Chrome in the settings was fixed.
[*] Compile errors for C# and shared code were fixed.
[*] Time to next execution display in the time table was fixed.
[*] Automatic condition search for action constructor was fixed.
[*] Dropdown list input was fixed for Chrome.
[*] Small UI improvements.
[*] Data clearing was fixed in BotUI.