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ZennoPoster (25.03.2019)

[+] Updated the Chrome Engine to version 72 with the latest security patches.
[+] User Interface optimizations.
[+] Chrome: Improved instance stability.
[+] Optimized how GET/POST requests work for the HTTPS protocol.
[+] Sending current cookies for solving RC2.
[+] The “Parsing Helper” now hasan option to search in all frames on the page.
[+] Improvements for how Page.LastAlertText works.
[+] Added the ability to make GET/POST requests with the current profile.
[+] BotUI: added an option to set placeholders from settings without editing the HTML.
[+] Improved handling POST requests with multipart/form-data.
[+] Fixed the “Receive E-Mail” block with extended proxy.
[+] Added cheapcaptcha.com to captcha recognition services.

[*] Fixes for HttpConnection Pool.
[*] Fixed the Copy/Paste shortcuts for copying actions between projects.
[*] Fixed email search in subdirectories of Inbox.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the browser to crash when selecting the option “without showing the content”.
[*] Fixed bugs in the parsing helper.
[*] Creation of ExternalAssemblies directory after installation.
[*] Fixed bug with lowering code after uncomment.
[*] Unable to create New Variable of additional tab in BotUI.
[*] Fixed programmatic control of ZennoPoster (ITaskManagerService).
[*] Fixed projects without a browser in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed the Profile.UserAgentOsCpu macros.
[*] Fixed bugs in subproject instances.
[*] Chrome: Fixed setting values for page elements.
[*] Chrome: Fixed the instance reloading bug.
[*] Chrome: Restored the “Browser without showing the page content” mode. ProjectMaker still displays the page content for Chrome for debugging.
[*] Chrome: Fixed Ctrl + mouse wheel for zooming.
[*] Chrome: Fixed WebRTC emulation.
[*] Chrome: Minor improvements and QoL changes.
[*] Fixed bugs in BotUI.
[*] Fixed project diagram and its interface.